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  1. Remove a Tag from everyone

    Thanks Virginia! That looks like exactly what I am after. Regards Chris
  2. I have imported a new dataset into my project, and every person in that dataset has a GEDCOM tag. I can remove the tag one-by-one, but this will be pretty tedious for 1800 people. I thought I would delete the tag altogether (as I have no need of it in my main dataset), but it is a standard one. Is there a 'smart' way to remove the data? Thanks Chris
  3. External hard drives and TMG

    Hi Joan,Let me suggest an alternative to carrying around both a Palm and a laptop, and the schronizing issues these imply not only to each other but to a desktop computer back home. I have an OQO handheld computer. As their advertising says: "A full PC that fits in your pocket!" I also have a back injury issue, and don't even want to lug around a full laptop, but I want all of my full TMG datasets with me, and all the utilities, and full Windows, and all the other programs, and the ability to directly do data entry to my TMG data without having to synchronize. Further, I don't want to have to synchronize again later with a desktop computer when I get home. So I got this handheld PC which weighs only one (yes, I said one) pound, and with dimensions of 5.6"(W) x 3.3"(H) x 1.0"(D) easily fits in a purse, fanny pack, or jacket pocket. The 5" screen is small, but easily zooms, and with TMG's wonderful ability to customize layouts, I have defined layouts that work great with this small screen. Rather than everything on the screen at once I just switch layouts as needed. This handheld costs as much as a full laptop because it is one, but is a fraction of the size and weight but also a slight bit less powerful due to its size. Not great for intensive graphics or heavy interactive computer games (neither of which I do), but I think does everything that one would want for genealogy and general office work. I have the Tablet version so I have the best of all worlds for data input. At whatever repositories I'm doing research in I can write quick notes using the stylus on the tablet, I can do short data entry with the internal thumb keyboard, and I can do more complete data entry by sitting at a desk or table and pulling out my bluetooth full-size folding keyboard. And since it has built-in wireless I can use the wireless connection at the library to check out genealogy web sites on the spot. Then when I get home I just dock the OQO into its docking station with its connected dual 19" monitors, full keyboard, and trackball, and DVD writer and there is no synchronizing necessary to a desktop computer. It is my desktop computer as well. I am not affiliated with OQO, just a satisfied customer, I would second this post - I also have an OQO and it is fantastic! My problem is that I have to travel a lot for work, and have a work laptop, (which, I am not allowed to have private applications on), so I didn't want to carry two laptops. I keep my OQO in a wetsuit pencil-case and it fits beautifully, and safely, into my handbag. It is really wonderful having my full version of TMG handily with me at all times.
  4. Individual Narrative - tag printing

    Thanks very much Terry! Solution 1 worked a treat. I had previously tried to delete the sentence structure completely but it kept coming back.
  5. I need some help with Individual Narrative. For some people I have a tag where the information is hidden (I have tried both [HID:] and using "-"), and when I print the Individual Narrative it puts in an orphan 'She.' or 'He.' (I have also tried making the tag not primary). For example, I have a cousin who committed suicide and have a NOTE tag with the information hidden, and although it doesn't print it, I get the following: Margaret XXXXX (761) was born on 29 Jul 1958 at Wherever, Qld. She. She died on 15 Feb 1975 at Wherever, Qld, aged 16. The 'She.' is from the NOTE tag. How can I set up the report so that this does not happen? Thanks in advance for all suggestions! Chris