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  1. I wish to set up a flag to help research the 1950 Census when it made available.  I think I can find some of the Enumeration Districts using  One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse  I am thinking something like this for the Flag

    1950 Census Candidates

    N - Died before 1940, born after 1940 or other exclusion criteria 
    Y - Could be
    E - Enumeration district found for 1950
    4 - Have 1940 Census Record
    5 - Found 1950 Census Record
    Note I have a tag for 1940 Census.  My problem today is I don't see a way to create the list of candidates in Project Explorer that is the Y's

  2. Thank you. Sorry I didn't remember reporting the problem, nor the fix, but the fix did the job.  I was worried because I am scared about running software not supported by the vendor. (I get great support from this Forum).   I have "copied" my data to RootsMagic just in case, but I don't like that software near as well as TMG.