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    Chicago area TMG Users Group, a SIG of CAGG-NI, which meets at the Schaumburg Township Library, 130 South Roselle Road, Schaumburg, on 2nd Saturday monthly. Check out web site for TMG topics as well as CAGG-NI meeting time and topics
  1. I have recorded someone as a midwife on a birth. She does not show up on a narrative report selecting all variations of events and all tags selected for report for the person whose birth she assisted in. However, on the witness' narrative report, the person born who she acted as a midwife for, there is a sentence. However, it states "She was born with the assistance of Midwife's name on date" The She is the person born and not the person for the report. Why would it say "she"? This makes no sense. How is anyone going to know who "she" is. And the "memo sentence" included in the Birth tag is also printed which makes no sense in the witnesses report. I thought I understood something about witnesses and P1 and P2 but the way my TMG is working, aarrgh! I want witnesses to appear with their role (their sentence) in the person's report who they are listed as a witness. I also want the information to appear in the Narrative report for the witness. I have looked and I can't find any way to get witness sentences to print on a Narrative report. Doesn't it make as much sense for this to happen as it does for a child's birth to appear as an event in the person's life??? Thanks
  2. I just checked the User Group area and noted that the folder next to my group's posting had a black dot in the center of the folder. While I think this might be an indication that the "person" posting the message is signed on, I'm not sure. What does it mean? TIA
  3. Contact: CAGG-NI at cagg_ni@yahoo.com Meeting Info: Meetings are held at the Schaumburg Township District Library, corner of Roselle and Schaumburg roads, on the second Saturday of each month at 10:30am. Meeting room location is posted in library. Web site: See our page for meeting topics and items of interest. Computer-Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois Other Info: Meeting topics are generally posted at our website in advance. Some topics are formal presentations and others are an informal group participation format. After meetings, interested attendees eat lunch together at the Dominicks food store adjacent to the Library to continue informal discussions. Meetings are informal and questions, answers and observations are always welcome. A meeting reminder is sent prior to the meeting via e-mail.