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  1. How do I stop filtering out non-primary tags?

    Thank you so much for your help Jim! Problem solved. I still have no idea how the filter switched itself on! At least I know how to deal with it if it re-occurs. Ernest
  2. Can anyone help? I have somehow turned on a filter that hides all non-primary tags. I have no idea how it happened. I had just entered some passenger manifest information, and those entries are now invisible, as are all my non-primary entries. When I go to the Edit function, the drop-down list option to turn off filters is greyed out. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Ernest Wiltshire
  3. TMG 9.02 error message

    Hello Jim: I am having the same problem, even entering text in a memo field brings up the error message and I have to click "Ignore" several times for it to go away. Data entry is now so slow that I can no longer work on my projects effectively. Is there any way I can revert to version 9.01? I have the 9.0 (UK version) file on my computer, but not the 9.01. Is there some way I can retieve it? Thanks, Ernest