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  1. TMG very slow

    Hi Helmut, I am rather thinking (or hoping) in that direction. The problem already occurs during opening of TMG. If a project is closed (while TMG keeps open) and a new project is opened, things go fast. What I am wondering, though is, why I cannot just load TMG without a project. Normally I open TMG through a shortcut to my project and the project is opened. However, when I go through Start>TMG, my standard project is opened as well. In that case I would expect TMG just to be started and then offer the possibility to open a project. This does not happen. Any idea why? Regards, Dirk
  2. TMG very slow

    Hi, My problem is not yet solved. Yesterday I noticed that the second computer was in a kind of sleep mode (not used for about half an hour) and suddenly switched on as soon as I started up TMG. A LED on that second computer kept on flickering all the time. So, TMG on my computer must be searching for something over the network, but I don't know in what way. Seeing your mail, I checked all paths, but all of them are local paths on my computer. Dirk
  3. I want to make an ancesters box card. For most of the persons I have the date of birth and this results in " ° date" in the box card. For some ancesters, however, I only have the date they were baptized. This date is generally preceeded by the "=" symbol (also defined so in the respective tag). However, in the ancesters box card, I only get the date and no "=" symbol. Is there a way to also get a symbol in the box card? Dirk
  4. TMG very slow

    Teresa, I have a virus scanner en did a scan last week already: no virusses were found. However, I googled a bit and found a rather strange topic about networks and vista causing "not responding" problems. Keeping that in mind, just a while ago, I noticed that the problem disappears when my wife's computer (that is connected through a router to my local network) is turned off. To further check, I disconnected my computer from the network (router) while the other pc was still running and the problem disappeared as well. Don't ask me how this can be explained, but that's just the way it is. Dirk
  5. Not a typical TMG problem, but I have been experiencing severe problems lately with TMG. Most of the time start up is very slow. Once started up, everything seems fine, except when adding a source: this takes ages before TMG responds. Also Photoshop elements is responding extremely slowly. The funny thing is that TMG and Photoshop elements are the only programs giving problems. Does anyone have a clue what might cause this problem? Dirk
  6. Error in "Detail" field

    Virginia, It seems to work. Thanks a lot! Dirk
  7. Some time ago, I was in the middle of entering data when suddenly my computer crashed. As a result, as was no longer able to open my project. I re-stored a previous copy of my project, but since then I keep getting an error message when entering data in the "Detail" field: "Memo file C: \directory\The Master Genealogist v7\Repeat_files\Repeat.FTS is missing or is invalid. 50 REPPUSH" Also "F3" does no longer work. Is there a solution for this error? Dirk
  8. Unable to open project

    Virginia, This didn't work. Fortunately, I found a back-up I made on August 29, so I decided to go back to this back-up. It makes me lose a couple of days, but I think this is the best way to proceed. Thanks anyway. Dirk
  9. Hi, I was in the middle of entering data when suddenly my computer crashed. Now I am no longer able to open my project. I get a message "Alias 'FILE_N' is not found 11513 FIXLAST_EDIT. If I ignore, I start getting other messages like "Variable NPER is not found". Is there any way to get my project working again or do I have to start over again from an (early) copy? Dirk
  10. Update not possible

    Virginia, That's exactly what I needed. Problem solved. Thanks a lot! Dirk
  11. I'm no longer able to update TMG. I currently have v 7.01 installed and want to upgrade. I have windows Vista en SP1 installed. To get the upgrade I run TMG, access the Help menu and choose "Check for an update." The program Wiseupdt.exe wants to run and when I enter "Allow" TMG closes and I get the following message: No application in c:\program files\the master genealogist v7 is associated with the update engine so it cannot check for updates. Please make sure that this software is installed properly. A previous update to v7.01 went fine with Vista (but no SP1) Any clue? Dirk
  12. Hi, I guess -correct me if I'm wrong - that Peter wants to have data shown from living people who don't object, but doesn't want to show information from living people who might object to seeing their data published. When using the "Suppress Details for Living People" option, however, it's everything or nothing. What I would do is set the "Living" flag to "N" for those people whose information you want to display. For your database, they're dead, but they don't know they're declared "dead" and at least you don't have to tell them they have to wait until they're dead to see their data. As far as I see, switching the "Living" flag to "N" for living people will have no further consequences (but here I might be wrong). Dirk
  13. John, It actually works and I have it now just the way I want. Thanks a lot. I have 1 final question: Why is there sometimes a "+" sing in front of (living) for living people? It is there for some people and not for others? Many thanks and best regards, Dirk
  14. Terry, I have lines on the generated site, which look like: Marrige* .................22 october 1920...............Mary Smith; Brussels .........................................................................witness : John Smith .........................................................................witness : Laura Johnson Initially I thought the problem was solved, as I did no longer see witnesses appear on the generated site. The reason, however, was that I had no sentence for the principal either in the new language SS1. The result of this was that I also all places had disappeared (only names and dates). Currently, I have a sentence for the principal in Ss1, but not for the witnesses. Nevertheless, they keep on appearing. The reason why I want to get rid of the witnesses is beause I only have roles for witnesses if they are really part of the family in a broad sense. If a person only appears once somewhere as a witness , I don't include him in my database, but only mention him being a witness in the memo. As a result, for some events I have 2 witnesses listed on the website, for others only one and sometimes none. Dirk
  15. Just wishful thinking I created a new language Ss1. The tags I want to display only have a sentence for the Principle Role (no witness sentences for those tags in Ss1), but the witnesses keep appearing on the website. What am I doing wrong? Dirk