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  1. Too quick on the draw! I rebooted one more time and tried again and it worked. All set now.
  2. How can I get v8.01 back? I have followed the procedure but the new 8.02 installer hangs once it starts and I have to ctrl-alt-del out.
  3. Add Person Bug?

    That was it - Thanks!
  4. Add Person Bug?

    Not sure if this is a bug or not. When I click the add person button and enter data for a new person, including surety information and a source, then click ok to enter the information - I get a dialog box that says "The citation has no surety, continue anyway?" If I click ok the dialog box goes away and when I check the entered information, everything is fine, including the surety information that I entered. Just seems a little strange that this dialog pops up, even when I enter the surety information.