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  1. Using multiple relationships tags is a start for this. The biggest issue is that not many things will output non-primary relationship tags, so I would definitely add a tag in the "Other" group listing everyone and explaining the situation so you get the information outputted. I personally would likely leave one set as primary, for the parents I thought most likely (especially given they are brothers) as the primary parentage will allow reports to trace through this linkage.
  2. As the person who was quoted as proposing this let me add a few things. BC and AD dates work fine together as long as the AD sort date is regular, as all regular dates come after irregular dates. The years 1 AD to 31 AD cause a bit of a problem as these tend to become irregular as TMG doesn't know if this is a year or a day of the month. To fix these I can use an irregular date of 9999yy AD where yy is the AD year. If you have a different type of irregular date, then I tend to convert the sort date to something regular that approximates the right date, otherwise it falls out of order even if you don't use BC dates. I would not call this method as TMG "supporting" BC dates, it makes it tolerate them reasonably well, but BC dates are still missing a lot of features like age calculation. As to how hard it would be for TMG to support it better, the data base format could with a minor change support recording the data. Currently dates are stored in a field that begins with a regular/irregular flag, followed by (for regular dates) the Year, month, and day in numeric format. Regular dates have the flag being a 1, irregular dates have the flag being a zero and the irregular date following. Thus we get the following records and the dates they represent: (I am ignoring the rest of the field for now, that encoded other aspects of the date like circa, say, or between) 09899 BC 100 BC 101000000 100 AD (month and day = 0 means unspecified) All that would need to change would be to change this 0/1 flag be a 0/1/2 flag, 0 being irregular, 1 being BC, 2 being AD, with TMG doing the 9's complement on the year automatically.
  3. Back up TMG files to a flash drive problem

    Make sure you are putting them into a subdirectory on the flash drive and not the "root" of the drive. The root directory is somewhat limited in the number of entries it can store in some file systems.
  4. Exhibit on a source record

    Note that the message is saying that this source HAS an exhibit, not that it is a source TO an exhibit (exhibits dont have sources). Look at the little green camera icon on the Source Definition page.
  5. Version 7

    John, another idea would allow attaching line type to different types of relationship tags, so natural gets solid lines, adopted gets a dotted line, maybe this tenancy could be given a dotted line.
  6. wishlist: date format

    The limitation is that you can only have 1 modifer in a date, and the Between and From/To are encoded as modifiers along with c., say, before, and after. Note that From/To means something different then between, from/to implies that an event of extended duration begins on the first date and ends on the second, while a between date says the event happened at a unique point in time that was somewhere between to two dates. For a event like residence, a from/to event defines the time period when the person resided there, defining both the move in and move out date. A between date (like any single date) defines the point in time when the person started residing at that location. I try to be careful with tags like that, since a lot of my residences are based on evidence that they lived at a given location at a given time (with little evidence for when they actually moved there), most my residence tags use the before modifier. It would be nice to be able to make the tags something like from before xxxx to after yyyy to express all I know, but that currently is not available.
  7. Damon, Richard

    The following site deals with mine (and my wife's) families, and other loosely related trees. There is a lot of information on early colonial times as our families have been here for a while. http://www.richard.damon.name/genealogy/index.htm Much of the information is from secondary sources and still needs more through confermation.