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  1. Error when adding a new tag type. I had this error a few years ago and couldn't fix it. It comes when adding a new tag type by copying another. It doesn't matter which tag type is copied I get the same error. To get around the issue you have to force a 'crash' in TMG then restart, then delete, but you don't have the new tag created. I'm then unable to add a new tag type. Any ideas for a fix? Thanks
  2. Can not edit tag

    Hi Jim I have this same error again, and if you don't mind I will send the files again please. Thanks
  3. Can not edit tag

    Thanks Jim Files sent.
  4. Can not edit tag

    I'm trying to edit a tag name and I keep receiving the following error message and then have to force a shut down of TMG. Any suggestions? Field name is a duplicate or invalid 109 tagtypedefinition.mroles2 Thanks
  5. Thanks Jim. V I'll have a look.
  6. I'm currently upgrading from v7 to v9, once it's working I plan to print in hard copy the descendant chart for my ONS. It's a thin tall chart as it only follows the male line more or less. Can anyone export a working version of their chart formatting that I can import and use in my TMG. I only want to show name and BMD information. If I can get it as a PDF I can take to the printers here in Australia. The printing companies in USA work out expensive because of the exchange rate and postage. Thanks.
  7. Is there a solution to this problem yet? I can not install my new version of TMG v9. Thanks.
  8. I have the very same error. I have tried defragment and saving the installer file on different locations. Any suggestions?
  9. Worth upgrading to V9 from v7

    Is there a list or summary of the changes? I've contacted someone and they have licences and are trying to negotiate more. Worth seeing if worth the investment. I don't want to switch software either so will stick with TMG whichever version it is. Thanks.
  10. Is it worth it? Are there many beneficial changes? Obviously I would need to purchase the upgrade before the licenses sell out. Thanks.
  11. Back in July TMG issued a message saying an update on V8 would be coming out soon, there has been no update on this... how soon is soon...can anyone offer any advice on when it will be available... Thanks
  12. compatibility with windows 7?

    I've seen the recent announcement that 'they will be making an announcement about V8 soon", any ideas when the announcment will be made? I am hoping that this will then give some idea of when V8 will be available Thanks, Shaun
  13. compatibility with windows 7?

    Rougly how long is sooner... Only Bob Velke can answer that question, and believe me- he won't. WG never makes announcements about possible, probabale, or planned release dates. I understand that they do not want to make an official statement, but do any users have an opinion on this? This year, next year...? I obviously need to change over from TMG 6 but do not want to do 2 upgrades near each other Thanks
  14. compatibility with windows 7?

    Rougly how long is sooner...