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  1. I have just upgraded from version 7 to 8 in December 2013, and from version 8 to 9 just now. I followed the instructions to backup to a SQZ file in the older version, then restore from that SQZ file using the newer version. Took less than 5 minutes for my smaller size file, and everything seems to work just fine. Thank you for an easy transition, as well as for the free version of v9 (I think because I purchased v8 jsut before v9 release). Leander
  2. Sharing a partial data set

    Hi Freddy, Thank you for your comment. I don't think that solution would work for me, for 2 reasons. 1) I am not a real fan of putting all my data "in the cloud". I start to worry re: privacy concerns. I'd rather share data within the family by exchanging compact disks, DVD's, or flash drives. 2) In general, I'm not sure that all my wife's distant cousins would like me sharing information about them with my brother's wife's distant cousins. I think there needs to be a way to share only part of the large amount of family information that I am central in, with various relatives in different parts of the family tree. I only want to share the part that applies directly to them.
  3. Sharing a partial data set

    Thank you for what appears to be a thorough and authoritative answer! I will give it a try. You have also convinced me that, at least for the present, trying to merge work by different people is more than I should shoot for. Thank you for great help, rwagner
  4. Sharing a partial data set

    I have either the same or a closely related goal, but perhaps with even less knowledge than gfcoll43. I would guess that my question is a common concern, but I have searched extensively before posting this and have not found a prior discussion. Apologies if I have missed something. I am using TMG 8.08 Gold. I have a single project, with a single data set, with about 700 names, that I have created over the last 10-15 years. It includes my own family tree and my wife's family tree, originally for the benefit of our children. I now want to collaborate with my brother, working only on my side of the family. I would like to provide him all the information I have entered regarding our mutual family, but filter out all data that relates to my wife's family. Ultimately, I would like to import back whatever data he adds over the next several years into the large project, for the benefit of me, my wife, and our chidren. I have the idea to give him TMG 8.08 Gold as a gift, and then send him a CD with all the data I have accumulated so far as a backup (.SQZ) file which he would then open with the RESTORE command in the File Menu, and begin using. My problem: how do I create a smaller dataset that excludes my wife's family details? Thanks to all for any assistance.