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  1. I use the dutch version TMG8.08 on desktop PC Restoring the backup from a dropbox directory i get the following msg (translation): Someone else use the selected project and can't be restore I trie this as well on a laptop where everthing lseems OK. Any idea ? Thanks, Freddy
  2. Sharing a partial data set

    Is it possible to put the common project in a cloud an then working togehter on same project ? Regards, Freddy
  3. Tags - Roles - Sentence

    Hi Michael, Thanks for yr reply, In Preferences, Data Entry was set to Advanced Mode regards, Freddy
  4. Most thanks for the fast answer. When I have installed version 8.1 I have charged as well the new roles. The consequence is for some tags, that I have twice time the same role. Example: tag Marriage -- role: Father Bride and father bride. The first created by version 8, the second stood there (my creation in the version 7). The sentences for both roles were now however no longer modifying. I have again installed the project from the backup, however now with deactivated new roles. The result proves be the same. Remarks: I used the Dutch language. With thanks in advancefor yr comments en help.
  5. Is it possible that for some roles the sentence are not changeable ? Ex: Tagtype: Marriage Role: father bride Thanks for yr reply Freddy
  6. How can I copy the name styles (and Place Styles) from a project to a new create one. tks and rgds