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  1. Hi, At some time in the past I have entered two female family members as "son-bio" instead of "dau-bio" When I right click on the tag "son-bio" a drop down menu opens with various options but none of them seem to offer the facility to change the assigned tag from "son-bio" to "dau-bio". Is there any way of doing this without having to delete the two members, re enter them and all their associated links, etc: I just want to be able to give them their correct tag as "dau-bio" Any help appreciated
  2. Thanks Jim & Michael, I will follow your advice and link the exhibits to an external file. Will take me some time as I need to scan and then input all my certificates into TMG. This is made more difficult as birth, marriage and death certificates cannot be scanned in one go on my A4/Letter size scanner and they then have to be joined together in a separate program prior to being input into TMG. I have some certificates in PDF format (no idea where these were downloaded from ) but they need to be converted to JPEG before being input into TMG. Still keeps me busy
  3. Lost TMG UK ver 7

    I didn't update from ver 7. Realised that in my rush to purchase Ver 9 before the deadline of Sep 30 I'd purchased the complete install version. I installed it on my desktop running the 64 bit version of Windows 8.1. Install seemed trouble free and everything seems to be working fine. I consequently decided to install it on my laptop running 32 bit version of Windows 8 enterprise and everything also seems to be working fine. Thanks guys for all your input
  4. I'm running TMG ver 9 on both my laptop and desktop, same projects on both. Am I best imputing exhibits into the Exhibit folder (Internal ) or into a specified folder (external). I assume that when I transfer the .sqz file from my desktop to my laptop and restore that the path for the exhibits must be identical on both computers. When I attach an exhibit for example a census to a primary person. The census will usually contain relatives residing in the same household. Is there an easy way of attaching the exhibit to other persons / relatives in that household without having to attache individually. Any help appreciated.
  5. Lost TMG UK ver 7

    Hi Jim, Will uninstall Ver 7 first Mal
  6. Lost TMG UK ver 7

    Hi Michael, Any known unresolved issues with Ver 9 that I should know about, particularly when running on Windows 8 and 8.1 ? Mal
  7. Lost TMG UK ver 7

    Hi Jim, Used the installer link and everything appears to be working fine, I've loaded it into my desktop running the 64 bit version of Windows 8.1, will try the same installer on my laptop that is running 32 bit version of Windows 8. I took Michaels advice and purchased TMG ver 9 as there appears to be nothing out there at the moment that comes near to TMG. Will install it over Ver 7 on the desktop later, but will leave Ver 7 on my laptop for the near future. Mal
  8. Lost TMG UK ver 7

    Hi Jim, There seems to be a misunderstanding. TMG Ver 7 does not install. As soon as I click on the TMG7.exe file to install the program the following message appears . "Cannot locate Microsoft FoxPro visual support library" and that's as far as it goes, nothing gets installed. I'm running 64bit Windows Version 8.1 with all the latest updates installed. Mal
  9. Lost TMG UK ver 7

    Hi Jim, Sorry, loading is a term used for installing software into PLC's. should have said "I tried installing my Version 7 into windows 8.1" and received the following message as soon as I clicked on the tmg7.exe file which said and I quote "Cannot locate the Microsoft visual FoxPro support library" whether this message was initiated by TMG7 or Windows 8.1 I don't know but that was as far as the install progressed. Mal
  10. Lost TMG UK ver 7

    Hi Jim, Have sent of an email to Dorothy to try and sort out my Ver 6 licence number problem. I noticed in one of your posts you mentioned that you have installed and ran Ver 7 in Windows 8.1. I tried loading my Ver 7 into windows 8.1 and received the following message "cannot locate Microsoft visual FoxPro support library. Any ideas? Mal
  11. Lost TMG UK ver 7

    Hi again Jim & Michael, I have my original copy of ver6, I have just installed it on my old laptop that is running XP. The program installed no problem, opens in trial version ok, When I enter my original details and original serial number it returns the message Registered details invalid etc. I know my registered name and serial number are correct and my email address has never changed. Any ideas on this one? Mal
  12. Lost TMG UK ver 7

    Hi Jim and Michael, Thanks for your prompt replies to my question, it's much appreciated. Although I mentioned I had backup files in both Ver 6 and Ver 7 this was correct in the case of my wife's research but I'm afraid mine was all converted to Ver 7. Thanks for the link to Ver 6 but I have not downloaded it as the file appears to be supplied from dl20.filekicker.net? , are both the site and the file safe. I will still have the problem of how to upgrade from Ver 6 to Ver7 so look at my own research. If I can't locate the Ver7 then a purchase of the latest version seems to be the only option. Mal
  13. HI, After a number of years I have now decided to get back into TMG and continue with further investigations into my ancestry. I previously used TMG Ver 7 UK edition. I have all my projects backed up in both version 6 and version 7 so it is a simple matter of restoring the backups. I thought I had the complete TMGW program including the exe file on a removable hard drive. When I clicked on the exe file a message "cannot locate the Microsoft Virtual FoxPro support library" pops up. Having searched for various fixes it appears that the only real solution is to re-install TMG. How can I download a copy of TMG ver 7 from the website. I have the original serial number. I appreciate that we are now up to ver 9 but I'm reluctant to purchase the later version as sadly TMG will cease to be upgraded although I understand that support will continue for some time. If necessary I will purchase ver 9 if it is available in UK format and will stick with it until an alternative FHS software company can safely import my project files without errors. Any help appreciated Mal