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  1. TMG has lost its mind again. When I booted up in XP and TMG, things appeared normal. I entered several tags, updated several tags, and then tried to go from person #108 to his daughter #485, on the Person screen, it would NOT go. So I tried the optimize and backup. After the backup, TMG opened up on person #545, instead of where I left it on person #108. The problems are not consistent nor necessarily repeatable. I am afraid my database is getting trashed, even though the maintenance procedures say all it well. Virginia I checked the threads you suggested and found no fix. Not good Marty in AZ
  2. I do not use Focus Groups, Filters or PE. I always hunt for people using either the person's number or the binoculars or the Simple Picklist. It is clearly not an index problem: I tried that, though it acts like one. BTW: Isn't the picklist linked to the people so when I am viewing the Jones family, the Picklist starts with Jones, not with Adam? Maybe I should try un-linking it and see if the problem is repeatable. Another BTW: When I booted up XP and then TMG just now, and re-inspected the specific problem spot, it was no longer a problem. I think this is a real problem, apparently not just my problem, and it is going to be hard to find. Marty in AZ
  3. I have person 3798 on the screen. I click "add a tag". The add tag screen opens BUT the person at the top of the add a tag screen is NOT 3798. Somewhere TMG has its knickers in a twist. I have run all the maintenance routines.I have deleted all the index files and let it create new indices. I close and restart TMG. No help. HELP!! Marty in AZ
  4. Residence at an event

    I have been struggling with data that says: "married John Doe of Portland", trying to decide where to put the Portland (not direct line and I don't really care, but someone who follows me might). This looks like THE answer. Thanks everyone. Marty in AZ
  5. Looking at the Options Menu, Boxes. I can select "Color by Generation" which I did. AND you can select "Accents" and select the flag and how it should be accented. BUT I cannot get BOTH to work at one time. I want to Accent the Revolutionary War soldiers (a flag I have set up as Y) and color each border a different color for each generation. Won't work. WHY?