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  1. Report output

    I have a slightly different issue. Tried to print pages 8 and 9 of an individual narrative report. Wouldn't print. It wanted to print the whole thing. So, I tried to save this to a PDF file, and it saved it, but in a weird font. Now the message appears that the PDF print driver should be installed and do I want to do this. I try to manually delete that issue, and use the default printer, and it doesn't seem to work. How to resolve this? iona
  2. deleting a person

    Thank you so much, Virginia. That was a real blessing. Got all that good clicking done and am back into the swing of things. iona
  3. deleting a person

    GOLLY When I tried to delete a person entered by mistake, I ran into all manner of difficulty. The machine said I should undo the relationship between child and parent (trying to delete that incorrect parent) and I tried everything I could think of and everything the help column said to do. Totally frustrated. They give you lots of ways to enter a relationship, but no way that I could find, to undo that relationship when a mistake was discovered--unless you want to delete the child, whose stuff is extensive. Help would be appreciated--you just don't know how much. iona
  4. I goofed

    Posted a big complaint today about how I lost data and sources and all kinds of good stuff. Have to hang my head and confess that I was in the wrong place, and everything is now cool. Hope it is equally cool wherever you may be. iona
  5. Lost Data

    When I performed a backup, a whole slew of stuff vanished. There were people, sources, biographical text and such things totally missing. Some of the preferences, as font size, etc were also reverted to default. Also when I tried to restore the material from a backup copy, that didn't work either. Some features which were in Version 4 and don't seem to be in V 6, appear on the screen. Have no idea what I did, or how to recover from it, except to laboriously key in all that stuff once more. iona
  6. narrative reports

    Thanks for the comeback, Vera. Sooner or later I have to get it right. Here's what happened today. I went to reports as you suggested. Not finding an "options" button, I pressed Individual Narrative, then selected from the options the tag. I activated the biography tag, and print and save. Got the individual's name, number and the character M with no further. Oh, my. I keep trying. iona
  7. narrative reports

    Trying to print narrative report as written under biography tag. Narrative report seems to print only that few bits for which there are pre-written sentences in TMG. What am I doing wrong? Or alternatively, what is the magic whereby I can print this as an entity of its own. . . . iona
  8. Strange characters

    Printing FGS, there are strange characters --strings of letters with < and> around them after the entries for birth, marriage, death. These have no reasonable reason to be there. Wondering what is wrong. Use TMG 4.x and XP. Otherwise everything works. Thanks iona raney