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  1. File access denied

    I got an advice from G Data which solved my problem. TMG is running as smooth as it should. I had to follow the path suggested by Jim: Settings / General / AntiVirus / Real-time protection but at that point select - the following is a translation from German, I don't know the exact terms used by G Data in their English version - "extended" (erweitert). In the new window then opening go to the top line: "mode" (Modus) and select "only check when running" (Nur beim Ausfuehren pruefen). G Data confirmed that by this setting the security will not be reduced.
  2. File access denied

    Thanks for your detailed suggestion which I implemented in G-Data. But alas - even after a cold boot it didn't work. Now I will wait for the answer of G-Data which I do not expect before Monday afternoon. I will keep you informed about the outcome. By now it is 1 pm in Hamburg, I will be off.
  3. File access denied

    I have just finished a process stop - start - stop -start G-Data. THAT'S IT. If I exclude G-Data TMG is running without any disturbances. So I know how to stop the disturbing messages. But as I am using TMG very often for hours I will be unguarded for long periods.. What can I do? Try another program? I sent G-Data a notice if I could enter an exclusion for a memory-resident program (I suppose: not).
  4. File access denied

    Thanks for your assistance anyway. You led me nearer to a possible solution. Time for taking a rest, it's 0:30 am over here.
  5. File access denied

    I have run reindexing as well as optimising. And unlocked TMG as administrator. But after starting TMG again the reported problem remains. You could try actually running TMG as administrator and see if that bypasses the problem.
  6. File access denied

    I am using G Data Internet Security. And just in case, don't know if there is a causality: In the last few weeks TMG has been set back to trial mode quite a few times, I had to unlock it again.
  7. File access denied

    My TMG version is 9.05.0000 UK. A few month ago I changes from Windows 7 to Window 10. The program worked well, until last week. Now, with almost every second click, I get the message: File access is denied. c:\users\kramer\appdata\local\temp\tmg6787606\x_event.cdx. 14 .UTILITY.DELETETMPDATABASE. If I select repeat or ignore I can go on in the normal way, but with one of the next clicks the message is on the screen again. Very disturbing. I have run the repair routine of TMG 9 and cleaned my temp folder getting the message that a file containing 67487606 could not be found. Where is the bug? Peter Kramer
  8. Report options get lost

    Hallo Vera, die deutsche TMG-Anwendergruppe ist mir kein Begriff. Kann ich mich irgendwo informieren, was sich dahinter "verbirgt"? Herzliche Grüße in den Taunus Peter
  9. Report options get lost

    Virginia and Vera, As both of you understand English but perhaps only Vera speaks German I will reply in English. Since I posted my problem I had been looking every now and then for an answer, only to be disappointed by an empty window. To-day I realised I had been watching the cache image, pressed F5 and found two answers. Thank you very much to the both of you. By now I have checked my preferences and found that the corresponding path led to my external drive H:, ending in a Configuration_files directory with files similar to those on C. Contained was a current file Compressed Pedigree.rpt. Anyway I changed the path for the default directory on C:, configured a new test-report and ... ...got what I had entered. Bright night. So thanks again for caring Peter Hallo Vera, bei dieser Gelegenheit ein Extra-Gruß mit Dank für Terry's und Deine TMG-Tipps, die mir schon oft weitergeholfen haben. Peter
  10. When I want to create a compressed pedigree report and make changes in the report options window, do confirm them with OK and press Create Report I get the standard reprort. The changes I made to places, report title etc. are gone. Same thing happens when confirmed with Save Settings. When re-opening the subwindow I am back to default settings. What has gone wrong? Peter
  11. Tmg v7.04-PDF printer driver and Win7

    Here I am again. I got my problem solved. I had chosen properties instead of printer properties, a tiny but decisive difference. I found the hint in another thread here, not being the only one who was mistaken in this respect. Thanks for an excellent step-by-step description how to get to a PDF-based pedigree. Peter
  12. Tmg v7.04-PDF printer driver and Win7

    Hi Jim, I've done all this, but in getting to the last stage I find the printer as "Wholly Genes PDF Writer v3. In right-clicking on the effigy and choosing properties I only find 2 tabs: General (my translation, German version of Win 7 says Allgemein) and Hardware. There is no third tab called Ports. I have tried the new settings without solving this last step. My attempt to send a compressed pedigree to a PDF files again ended in a paralysed pc. So here I am, almost paralysed too. How can I go on? Peter