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  1. I recently had a major virus infection. Consequently, as part of the disinfect process, I had to delete my "My Documents" folder. Not too big of a deal - I have Carbonite online backup service. It is taking forever, however, to restore my files. I would like to continue entering my data in to TMG. I had TMG Gold 6.12. it wouldn't start - can't find the Visual FoxPro library. I went to the TMG website, and purchased the TMG 7 upgrade. Installed and ran TMG 7, but when I tried to import my project file, it says that I must first back it up using my old version 6.12. Hmmmmm . . . Can anyone help me figure thiws out? Where is this FoxPro library, anyway? My TMG is installed to D:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist\The Master Genealogist v7 under Win XP Pro SP2, which is installed to I:\Windows Thanks! Bob H. southern Maryland
  2. Help please! I've installed a new hard drive and had to re-install Windows XP, because of a drive failure. Now TMG won't start - I get an error that it can't find MS Visual FoxPro. What to Do?? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks. Cheers! Bob Hendry Southern Maryland
  3. Project file size?

    Is there a generally recommended approach to file sizes when building projects? Would it be better to build and maintain one huge project? Or several smaller projects? I am in the process of converting my existing files and GEDCOMS to TMG projects - I have very little experience - and don't want to make a big mistake now that might come back to bite me down the road. Thanks! Bob Hendry Southern Maryland