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  1. When I attempted to apply the 8.02 patch I received the error message: bbListViewW.ocx failed to register. HRESULT -2147024770 and when I clicked OK the process deleted TMG from my PC ! I spent most of yesterday installing and reinstalling and deleting directory fragments. I *think* I'm back to a reliable 8.01, but a tad scarred by the experience. What guidance is there regarding the 8.02 patch? Ignore it for now? I'd appreciate any suggestions. TIA ... John UK Gold Edition running on XP SP3
  2. I want to reassign a bunch of exhibits so they are connected to a citation rather than the related event tag. I can delete the tag exhibit and recreate it it from the citation dialog box but it would be much easier if I could just reassign the existing exhibit from the tag to the citation. Is this possible? TIA ... John
  3. I'm cleaning up my exhibits and would like to generate a list of exhibits where the Caption or Description (in the Description tab of the exhibit Properties dialog box) is empty. I've worked through the List Of ... reports with no joy. Can someone suggest an approach? TIA ... John
  4. I've been struggling with some file permission problems and wanted to share the solution I've found. In my setup most "real" work is done in User accounts with Limited priviledges, and the single Admin account (with Admin priviledges) is restricted for installations, backups, etc. This helps to limit distribution of malware. During installation TMG creates some important configuration files (including strings.dbf) and stores them in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7. WinXP by default sets permissions for files in All Users\Application Data\ to be read-write for the creator but read-only for everyone else without Admin priviledges. This creates problems if your setup looks like this: 1. Admin account for installation of TMG applying the multi-user option, where TMG is run once immediately after installation as required by the doco, and is then never used to access TMG. 2. User account (with Limited priviledges) for the ongoing use of TMG I've been experiencing weird error messages that didn't seem to cause any real problems but were worrying. Who wants to receive a pop-up message like "cursor in strings is read-only - ignore?" during that all-important backup process I found a work-around in another thread where immediately after TMG installation, the User account (with admin privildeges temporarily granted just for this purpose) invokes TMG for the first time. The net effect is that the User account now has read-write access to those files in Application Data even when Limited priviledges are re-established. This works for me because I'm the only non-Admin person who wants to use TMG. But if I had a true multi-user setup with other users wanting to use TMG then I'd use the cacls command to set priviledges accordingly. Hope this helps others with similar file permission non-admin problems ... John.
  5. During backup I receive a dialog box error message "Cannot update the read-only cursor Strings". I hit the ignore button and backup seems to complete OK. Also I occassionaly find the copy/past buffer has the text "ErrorMarker: Cannot update the cursor STRINGS, since it is read-only. 4204 LSTRING.RESOURCEINSERT". Nothing else seems to be a problem. Any ideas on what the problem is? TIA ... John.
  6. I created a tag for the 1910 census by copying then editing a tag for the 1900 census. Second Site and TMG Utility report that the name of the new tag is "census19001". All the output from TMG7 and Second site is fine - it seems the internal representation of the 1910 census tag remembers the linkage to the 1900 census tag. This makes it hard when I'm selecting which census tags I want Second Site to process. Is there any way to force TMG to represent the tag as "census1910"? TIA ... John.
  7. Tag names look odd

    The problem was in the tag language area. With the tag language set to English(UK) the tag label displayed correctly as "census 1910"; when I changed the tag language to English(US) the tag label displayed as "census 19001". I corrected this and hey presto TMG and Second Site picked up the label correctly. Guess I'll have to look at the language settings a bit more closdely Many thanks for your help. John.
  8. Reports were working fine last weekend, now I get "Conversion error #6 : one or more errors in the configuration file" noting: - outputing to Word 2000 is the problem - screen and .txt output works fine - all reports (not just one variety) produce the error - I don't have the problem with the Admin account where I installed TMG initially Thoughts?
  9. I've got two Exhibits problems that may be related. (1) Backup won't include Exhibits. I can see Exhibits in Second Site output so the exhibits are there, but ticking or not-ticking the check-box for including exhibits in the Backup file has no effect - the backup file does not include the exhibts. (2) Hitting the "Load" button on the Properties page for an exhibit works OK the first time, but subsequent tries geneates an error message "Invalid path of file name 16 ATTR.PGFPROP.PAGE1.CMDLOAD.CLICK" TIA ... John.
  10. Problems with Exhibits

    I've resolved the first problem. I deleted every V6 exhibit and the directory, ran Validate File Integrity (again), and hey presto it looks as if TMG now has a single (correct) view of where to find exhibits. And Backup picks up exhibits as directed :-) So now all I have (at the moment) is problem number 2. Also noticed the Load button is completely missing for Text exhibits - is this correct?
  11. Problems with Exhibits

    I may have found part of the answer ... when I look in Thumbs.log I see a string of messages of the form: 2008.02.23, 22:57:35 ! 3 External Image C:\Documents and Settings\John\My Documents\Jameson Family Tree\Exhibits\Sir Wilson Jameson.jpg not found. 2008.02.23, 22:57:35 > 3.1 ...but C:\Documents and Settings\John\My Documents\John Jameson Family Tree\Exhibits\Sir Wilson Jameson.jpg found. It looks as if TMG is going first to the Exhibits folder I had set up for V6 and not finding the exhibit, but then looks in the folder I have set up for exhibits in V7 and finds the file OK. Weird. John.
  12. TMG crashed (first time in 18 months !) and when I came back there is a Source item which: 1. can be selected by source number in the Citations dialog box coming via the Tag entry screen 2. does not appear in the Master Source list. TMG Utility can find the Source so it is real. I don't like having phantom data - it may corrupt things later on. Any suggestions? TIA ... John
  13. Removing a phantom Source

    Did that without any joy. But then found the answer .... Create a new Source item of the same type as the phantom, use the Merge command to merge the phantom into this new entry (which deletes the phantom as part of this process) and then renumber. Problem solved !!
  14. What's the best way to handle a census record that lists a family at some address? I've been including a Residence tag for everyone listed in the Census record, but for large families that results in quite a bit of duplication, especially for the Memo field ("living with his Father, Mother and six siblings (Fred, Joe, etc.)" Is there a better way, other than creating a source record for every Census record (I'm a lumper) with all the detail and then including a simple Census tag? Thanks ... John.
  15. Suppose Fred is added as a witness to a tag for Jill. Then this tag appears for Fred in one of two forms: either the tag type is "Witness" and the real tag type appears in the Name/Place area, or the tag type is the same as entered for Jill and the Name/Place area starts with (w). I like the latter representation - how do I make that the default?
  16. I'm trying to produce a "any relation of Fred within a few generations" chart. I could assign a tag and manually set the flag for those people I wanted to include, but I'm looking for something more automated. Is there a way? TIA ... John.
  17. I figured that might be the case - but thanks for the confirmation. I'll just have to improve my VCF skills
  18. That's sort of it - but I want: (1) chart form, and (2) ancestors of spouses of offspring (and their descendents) for a small number of generations Posssible?
  19. In a Source Definition Attachment tab I have included a Repository reference, but the text comes out as "... (unknown repository, unknown repository reference)". I can remove [Repository] from the Output form, but I'd like to know what is going on. Thanks ... John
  20. TMG allows me to save box charts as Jpeg or Bmp files. But I'd rather use Adobe (.pdf) or MS-Word (.doc) files - or any other common structured document format. Is there some add-on or setting I can use to get charts in these formats? TIA ... John.