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  1. Jim, 

    I have tried to solve this problem, but cannot.

    I uninstalled TMG and after copying my Exhibits and Backups to another location, deleted the folders \Documents\The Master Genealogist, and \Program Files (x86\The Master Genealogist v9. Then I deleted all the files in the recycle bin, and shut down and restarted my MS Windows 10 computer.

    Then I reinstalled TMG v9. When I opened the program it came up in my previous layout, with my previous toolbar, and the Flags box error!

    Have you any idea where the layout, etc is saved, so I can delete it?

    John MayBee

  2. Since I back up every night, this would take more space and time that the work I did do.

    I extracted records last edited since 6 May to a new project; deleted the project; restored the project from my laptop to a new folder (thanks to your advice); and merged the projects, merged the 28 people, merged sources, and now have a project that backs up. It only took about 90 minutes.

  3. Jim,

    I do usually use the backup folder. This project will not backup, regardless of the destination

    It originated from a .sqz on my laptop, and that was backed up directly to a thumb drive. I entered data for about four hours taday, before discovering the problem. If you cannot think of anything else, I will do a standard backup on the laptop, copy it to this computer via a thumbdrive, and reenter.

    So if you have any ideas, I'll try them first.

    John MayBee

  4. When I try to backup my project, I get the message: “Input file read failure - this error occurs when a read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is locked or restricted by another process”
    I ran validate file integrity - no problem found
    I’ve rebooted the computer - no help
    I moved all backups to another drive - no help
    I copied project to a new name - no help, still wouldn’t backup
    I opened a different project, it backed up properly.
    So my problem seems to be only with this one project

    Anybody have any ideas?


  5. Jim,

        When I dragged it to my desktop I did get a shortcut to http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3504

        When it click ot it, it goes to that address which gives me the message:

    "Sorry, there is a problem

    The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.

    Error code: 2C171/1"

    even though I am signed in as John MayBee

        I will try editing my .plc file and see if I can just edit it mas you suggest.

    Thanks for your help

    John MayBee    using TMG since Feb, 1993   ( v.99 pre-release)

  6. In my main database the Reference Field does not appear in Other Info Box. The only fields that show to be enabled are Children, Tag Count, Age, Last edited, Selecte, and  Soundex (All my other databases have: Children, Tag Count, Age, Last edited, Reference, and  Soundex). Selecte when enabled shows no data. The picklist does show the reference field, but it is not available to edit

  7. I recently upgraded to TMG 8 from TMG 4 because Windows 7, won’t let me load version 4.


    I wanted to do an Ancestor Narrative, but couldn't find how to start one from scratch, so I modified a Journal Report to do so. However, after the primary entry, I get sentences like:

    Maxine Maybee (30756) (Harvey, #10) witnessed the birth of Maxine Maybee (30756) on 28 Jun 1919 at Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, New York. She witnessed the marriage of Maxine Maybee (30756) and Seymour Ely Johnson Jr. (32677) (see #4) on 2 Aug 1940 at Tuscarora Baptist Church"


    They are the primaries, why do I get the witnessed the entries?