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  1. Upgrading to V 8

    I have just upgraded from V7 to V8 and have come across the same problem I had when I moved from V6 to V7! How do I move the data across to the updated version, I am sure it is simple (it must be otherwise I would not have been able to do it last time), simple langauge for an old fart to be able to understand would be appreciatted. Alan NZ
  2. Thanks Michael, after going round in circles for a while I managed to achieve a satisfactory result. Not bad considering it's only 06.45. I hope the rest of the day follows along the same lines but I doubt it. Regards
  3. I have a family on my tree which I wish to create in a separate project, I started to do it manually but I am sure their is a far more economical way of doing it. There are some 50 names plus spouses going back to the mid 1600s' which could take me forever ........ can anyone offer a solution. Alan NZ
  4. Extracting files to create a new tree

    I think I may have not explained myself, as mentioned I am not very profficient with the program and I am aware that it will do far more than I am ever likely to need it for. It is the first program of this nature that I have used, the original bought in 2000 has been progresivly updated to the current Version 7.04 so I am reluctant to move to another possibly simpler program for that reason I don't neccasarily want to 'remove' the names from my tree just make up another tree with that particular portion of the family in it. There are 4 families from around 1800 that I want to create a seperate list of and take it through to aroound 1970 the names from then down are all known so I don't want to include them. Also I normally do not include living family members but add them as and when they become deceased. I am not sure wether he has a Family Tree program or not I was intending to send him a gedcom as well as a printed report as he is online and I get the ocaasional e-mail from him. I am ware that I can print out both ancestor and descendent reports, I have as yet to find out how to save these to a seperate file and send that on electronically. My main trouble is understanding the language, unless you ask the right question on the help file you come up with a blank it's knowing how to phrase the question! I'm sorry if I am confusing you but I can assure you I am most likely just as confused as you Alan NZ
  5. Extracting files to create a new tree

    Hi Terry, thanks for your response. My reason for extracting is to create a seperate tree to pass on to a fellow researcher who has a lose connection to my wifes part of the family. He forwarded a hand written tree containing some useful information on the ancestors of that line but as I only "collect" direct family members and do not branch of down to the twigs of my tree most of those he has sent are of no interest to me, only a few have a direct connection to my wife. However having said that the family were a very interesting one and I found it quite satisfying when researching and it filled in quite a bit of background of the time, they lived in the North East of England in the Durham/Newcastle upon Tyne area were my wifes family still live. He has merely collected the names but to the best of my knowledge have not added the detail, the names have all come from family sources. I have been able to sustantiate these names by way of online records such as BMD and censuses and wish to transmit this back to him. Having said all that, it may well appear that the option you mention in your final paragraph could well be the way to go could I impose on you to elaborate on that? I should point out that I am far from an "experienced user". Again thanks for your help Regards Alan NZ
  6. I run FTM 7.03 (in the processing of downloading 7.04) and I wish to extract part of my tree to create a stand alone one for that branch of the family. I am sure it can be done but as yet I have not been able to find out how Your advice is eagerly anticipated. Regards Alan NZ
  7. Error Message "Unknown member COLUMN4"

    Thanks for that Virginia, it seems to have solved the problem but now of course there are all those "whistles and bells" on the advanced screen which I have no idea what they are for or mean. Regards Alan (hot) NZ
  8. I get the above message when trying to add under the <Add person> link. The message on this error goes on to read "10FRMADDPERSON.GRDPERSONLIST1.RESIZE" It gives me three options <ABORT> <RETRY> or <IGNORE> By going to <ABORT> I get straight to the ADD PERSON screen, however a slightly different screen layout to one that I have used prior to this error message croping up. By going to <RETRY> Nothing happens, the link just doesn't work. By going to <IGNORE>, the first time time the message changes to "12FRMADDPERSON.GRDPERSONLIST1.RESIZE a further click changes the message again to "13FRMADDPERSON.GRDPERSONLIST1.RESIZE" and on the next click I get into the <ADD PERSON> screen and all appears normal. I thought initially that I had made some sort of accidental adjustment to this particular "Project" however I have just opened a new project am getting the same error message. Any help would be appreciated Regards Alan NZ
  9. Repair Mode

    When opening up this morning I got a screen with the above heading. Underneath was the following: [color="#0000FF"] "Repair Mode has been activated. The application will now operate some what more slowly as it validates each file that it is opened. Repair mode will be off again next time you run the application"[/color] I click <OK> and I then get the opening menu. "Welcome to the Master Genealogist!" I am offered all the options with the exception of <Last>. I go to <Select> and select the project I wish to open I then get a screen headed, "My project.Hawkins_.PJC - The Master Genealogist (repair mode)" It states, "An error has occured when opening the data tables...." It then goes on to identify the file "File c:\Documents and Settings\.......\.......\The Master Genealogist v7\MY PROJECT.HAWKINS_ND.dbf not found" I click <OK> and the screen closes. I have done two things that may have caused the problem and that is I have renamed two of the files. I have done a system restore to initially 24 hours previous, this made no difference so went back a further 24 hours which was also unsuccesfull. I then decided to restore from a backup, (surprise, surprise yes I did have one) but got a question asked during the restoration that I was not happy to go past. I go through the same process as described above and insted of going to the <select> button I go to the <restore> button. I follow the commands and get to selct the location of the backup which is on a cd, I select the backup file and when I open the file I get the "Restore Wizard." I select step 1. <restore project> one of three options, then Step 2 Data and accept the 3 files/locations offered, they are the, 1. location of the file, in this case the cd drive 2. Restore project to this folder 3. Restore exhibits to this folder When I go to <next> I get this message. "You're trying to restore a backup over your existing data! Are you sure you want to continue?" My question then is Do I ? Also should I NOT accept the file destinatations/locations offered in Step 2 Data. I hope this is clear to those that know more than I which unfortunately is not much. I have been using TMG for some years now and am quite happy with it, however am aware of my own shortcomings. TIA Alan NZ I should add that the two others files I did NOT rename open ok!
  10. Creating a seperate gedcom file.

    Thanks Lorna, I'll try that. It's a bit late in the day for my brain so it will have to wait until tommorrow now. I wish to share one family line with a distant relation who is following the same basic line as me and I am not keen on sending the whole tree. Alan NZ
  11. Saving reports to file

    I have a similar problem in trying to save a file to disc so that I can forward it on as an attachment but their doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Alan NZ
  12. I wish to extract details of a few lines in our family tree to send on to a relation who is also following the same line but don't want to send my whole tree. Is there a way of extracting just the lines I wish to send.? Alan NZ
  13. I have never been afraid to ask stupid questions and I don't mean to stop now. I have been running versions of TMG now for a few years and am becoming increasingly aware that I am not using it to it's full extent, largely becuase I do not understand the 'language'. I am now trying to do things that are not obvious to me, such as adding places of education, employment and other events that are important besides 'Hatches, Matches and Despatches' In words of one sylable how do I do this ? Is there a glossary of terms that are peculiar to geaneology and if so were can I find it. Regards Alan
  14. Transferring data to a new PC

    Terry/Virginia........ thanks for your replies, I don't know how but I seem to have mastered it. I fluffed around for most of last night and in the end much to my surprise the transferred data appeared. I think I may well have gone the "restore" route in the end. I am running TMG UK Edition on both PCs however the earlier one is running ME and the later one XP, however I feel that any problems I may have encountered would have been largely of my own making. Again thank you both for your input it was much appreciatted and was largely responsible for my ability to percivere rather than throwing both pcs' through the window. Can you explain to me the difference between .sqc file and .pjc file? Regards
  15. Transferring data to a new PC

    Right............ I've mastered some of that but after about an hour of sheer frustration all I have managed to achieve is saving the data to a location that I can access it from the other PC. When I try to open it it comes up with a message that it "does not appear to be a valid PJC File"