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  1. TMG 9.03 error msgs re. printer and font

    I may have found the solution to the error messages. Even though I had already done it, I went back to HP website and updated the drivers for the printer. I stopped getting the error msgs re. initializing the printer. But, I still got the font creation error msg. Although I had never altered the fonts in Windows, I went to the font folder in control panel and clicked the restore default font settings button. So far, I have not seen either error msg. I hope this solves the problem, because those error msgs were really annoying.
  2. TMG 9.03 error msgs re. printer and font

    Virginia, I use a laptop with OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have a HP laserjet 1022 printer attached. That is the selected default printer. I have also discovered that the error messages are intermittant. I tried the same tag several times and got the messages. Then I tried the same tag again and got no error message and was able to add to the memo already in the memo field. I'm the first to admit I'm not really computer savy, but I'm not clear why I'm getting a printer error msg when I'm not trying to print anything. Thanks to all who are trying to help.
  3. I have begun to get error messages when trying to open a tag. The first msg says "error initializing printer". I click OK. The second msg is "error creating font". I have to click OK 8 times to close this error box. The tag opens, but the memo box is blank even though I had a memo typed in. I close the tag and the memo is visable again. Is this a problem within TMG or is it a problem with the printer/settings? I have not seen these error msgs in any other program. Thanks.
  4. I used to be able to mouse over a tag and all of my memo would be shown (in v.7). I can't find any way to do the same thing in v.8. Please tell me that feature was not eliminated. If not, could you give me the instructions? Thanks.
  5. Sharing a partial data set

    Terry, thank you for the very detailed instructions. Last night I found your article on Using People Filters (14 Aug 2005). I was able to use those instructions to make the correct list of people, but I should have created the Focus Group first. I then made a new data set before realizing I should have make a new project. Trial and error is a hard learning process. I will follow the new instructions to the letter. Thanks again.
  6. I want to share a partial data set with my brother. He and I have the same mother, but different fathers. He recently purchased TMG8 (I have 7), and I want to make him a file of his paternal and maternal ancestors, but NOT my paternal ancestors. I have been studying the topics of Data Sets, Projects and Picklists, but am still not clear how to accomplish separating his ancestors from mine. If you could point me toward the needed instructions, I would be very appreciative.
  7. In the picklist, is there a method for seeing the colors I have assigned to each person in my DB? On my old PC I could see them, but after transferring TMG to my new laptop, the colors have disappeared from the picklist. Apparently, I have not checked a box somewhere. Thanks for any help you can give me.