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  1. Thanks for the responses. This same situation (multiple families sharing a surname from the same ancestral area, yet with "missing links" between them) exists in more than one of my ancestral branches.
  2. I have three different families with a common surname from the same ancestral area who may be related, but I haven't yet found the links. I would like to keep the three families separate until I find such links. I assume that the best way to deal with this situation would be to put each family in a separate data set within a single project. However, I'm not sure what to do about sources. As far as I understand, the sources in each data set will also be separate. If so, many of the sources cited in the separate data sets will be duplicated between the data sets. Assuming that I am able to find the missing links between the families, when I merge the data sets there will then be an unnecessary and unwanted duplication of sources. How should I proceed? Thanks in advance, Mosh
  3. The lack of bidirectional Hebrew support in TMG is for me a serious deficiency. As far as I know, both FTM and Legacy have had such support for awhile already. The OS supports such languages. To continue to develop the program as is when its FoxPro foundation is so outdated seems to be a dead-end at best. Mosh
  4. After backing up a 6.12 dataset and closing TMG6, I opened the newly installed TMG7 and ran a "Restore" on the 6.12 dataset backup to a different location. The backup included external exhibits which were located in C:\TMGpics directory. Running Restore resulted in the following error message: "This project is from TMG version 5 or version 6. To transfer a TMG 5/6 project to TMG7, you should first make a backup of the project in TMG 5/6 and then Restore the project in TMG7. Note: If your project includes exhibits nested in the TMG program folder under the Program Files tree, please include them in your backup so they can be properly relocated when restored." I *did* try and restore the TMG6 backup in TMG7. What's flying? Also, I am extremely disturbed that TMG7 will not let me put my project files where I want them (in the Program Files\TMG7\projects hierarchy). I don't want my data files scattered all over the hard disk. Mosh
  5. Czech accented characters

    It has been noted before in many postings that TMG presently does not support unicode. In my opinion, this is a serious shortcoming in an otherwise excellent program. Are there any plans to include unicode support in the foreseeable future? Mosh
  6. I repeatedly asked WG support for help, and received absolutely no response. I'm not a programmer. My only other option would seem to be manually re-entering all of the data entered since the most recent uncorrupted backup (and hoping that I don't miss anything). Is that preferable? Moshe
  7. I wasn't particularly impressed with the response (or lack thereof) to this post. However, with the help of one of Lee Hoffman's webpages, I was able to find what I hope is a solution to the witness corruption problem that I have been experiencing. Lee's TMG File Structure page <http://www.tmgtips.com/dbnames2.htm> states that the "e files" (that is, *_e.dbf, *_e.fpt, and *_e.cdx) contain the "Event witness" information. (After backing everything up,) I replaced these three files in the corrupt database with the corresponding three files extracted from my most recent uncorrupted backup. The database now seems to load properly with all of the most recent information entered, and without the witness corruption. Luckily, between the date of this last uncorrupted backup and the time that I noticed the corruption in the witnesses, I hadn't added nor changed any witness information. I'm posting this for the benefit of anyone who might have a similar problem in the future. Mosh
  8. Member Map

    Seems to be very USA-centered... Jerusalem doesn't even exist (a somewhat famous location ). Mosh
  9. I have data corruption in a version 4.0d database. I believe that the corruption is in the file which contains the witness information. Which data file is it that contains the witness information? Would simply replacing that file with the corresponding file from a pre-corruption backup be a possible fix? Mosh
  10. Multiple Primary Tags

    I have run into this limitation in what would seem to be a fairly common situation - multiple marriages. For example, I have not found it uncommon for an ancestor to have had three wives (the first two having died young), with children from all three marriages. Yet many reports, charts, etc will not include these multiple wives and their descendants without having to perform manual editing acrobatics. Mosh
  11. Printing topic or message

    For many of the topics or individual messages on these message boards, I would find it useful to print out the message(s). Simply printing from my web browser is extremely wasteful of paper, as the online message boards are not very well formatted for printing. I know of many websites where the site itself provides a printer-friendly version of the messages or articles. Is that feasible here? Moshe