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  1. Backup to GEDCOM

    I'm so far beyond that point now. LOL Now it's a matter of trying to recover all of my data by installing TMG in the VM and copying the folder structure off the windows drive to my virtual machine. Lesson to all - check/test your backups!
  2. Backup to GEDCOM

    Already noted the topic on TMG on a Mac, thanks. I am/was using the backup facility in TMG. I exported to both GED and sqz. Unfortunately, the sqz did not contain my exhibits either so I need to load up the old disk and pull that data back anyway. I'm going to try TMG via VirtualBox to see if I can get stuff back that way too.
  3. I recently moved from Windows to Mac and I'm trying to restore a TMG 7 GEDCOM backup file. Problem is, I can't remember if my backup included both data sets I had. Is there an easy way to tell in the GEDCOM file if the data is from two data sets or not?
  4. External VS. Internal Exhibits

    Thanks Jim.
  5. External VS. Internal Exhibits

    Has anyone else noticed that even if you UNcheck "Ask next time" when asked if you want external or internal it still asks you?
  6. Source documentation

    Thanks Virginia, but you referenced this topic. I did a search before posting, but nothing returned. I'll try again with some different keywords.
  7. How do you folks cite a source that you contact regularly, via email for instance? Do you create multiple "interview" source entries, one for each email? Or just one source entry for that person and cite it referencing a specific email? This is my biggest challenge right now, learning to document all these different things.
  8. Thanks Vera, I'll make the changes manually. Aloha, Kevin
  9. Email sent! I have another related question as well. Those that show GEDCOM, how can I change it back to Address? If I click 'tag type' in the entry, Address isn't listed.
  10. I'll try and get this to you today. I've added a good bit of info since, I'll re-run the maintenance and see if it does it to my new records.
  11. No custom language On some of my entries, it's almost as if the software pulled out memo's from certain tags (birth for example) and address tags and made them their own GEDCOM tags. Maybe I'm entering them in wrong, but I don't see how. Done...
  12. Thanks for the reply, Virginia. This seems to be the bulk of the errors: 2007.02.18, 13:15:40 >17% Checking names... 2007.02.18, 13:15:40 >Fixed empty date in name table - 154 I'll try running things again as you suggested. Thanks, Kevin
  13. Just a follow-up: Now with everyone of those entries, if I double-click on it to view the entry, click the tag type button, and then click Close, I get the following error:
  14. I decided to run the maintenance options on my database today. I ran each option. After the integrity checker was completed it said it fixed 155 possible errors. Where do I find what it fixed? Also, I now have several tag types which say GEDCOM instead of what they used to be - Address, etc. What causes this?