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  1. Hi Jim, I'll be careful. It took me weeks to get my dad's work and mine to be at the same page... no plans to screw it up! Until now, we basically worked on the same project, one person at a time. When one's done entering some data he creates a backup and e-mails it to the other. So there is only 1 person working at a time. (I must specify that we are 300 miles apart...) I don't need to tell you how it's slowing things down. What I'm planning to do with Syncplicity is to still have only 1 person working on the project at any time but at least I'll avoid the backup/restore process. Maybe not too many people are in the same situation (where more than one researcher work on the same project file). Martin
  2. Hi, Have you considered web sync services like dropbox and Syncplicity? Where you can share (and sync) folders with other people. I'm tempted to try this to work on the same project with my father. Has anybody tried this before? http://www.syncplicity.com/ or http://www.getdropbox.com/ Martin
  3. Map My Family Tree

    Hi Jim, I did and that's how my MMFT software got updated to 1.4.13 (although that Progeny forum mentions 1.4.11). But in terms of new features or bug fixes, I couldn't find anything for any version. I know, this is not a Wholly Genes product... and it shows
  4. Map My Family Tree

    Interesting... The "check for updates" under the help menu doesn't tell us that version 1.4.11 is available. It says we have the latest version at 1.4.10. No information on what 1.4.11 is giving us.
  5. Hi, I noticed in V7 we can now include numbers in the abbreviation field BUT we're still out of luck for the hyphen much needed in Canada when writing in French: For State/Province abbreviations, in French, the full lenght place name does have "-" and this is how it is entered in TMG for each event. The same for these other provinces: British Columbia (Colombie-Britannique) CB, Nova Scotia (Nouvelle-Écosse) NE, Prince Edward Island (Île-du-Prince-Édouard) IPE, Newfoundland (Terre-Neuve) TN. The name and abbreviation fields won't let us use the hypen... This is an issue raised in V6. I'm hoping for a fix for this. Thanks, Martin Roy
  6. Abbreviations - France

    Hi Jim, I agree, the abbreviation is NB but in French, the full lenght place name does have "-" and this is how it is entered in TMG for each event. The same for these other provinces: British Columbia (Colombie-Britannique) CB, Nova Scotia (Nouvelle-Écosse) NE, Prince Edward Island (Île-du-Prince-Édouard) IPE, Newfoundland (Terre-Neuve) TN. Regards, Martin Roy
  7. Abbreviations - France

    Hi, Has this been fixed? In State/Province abbreviations, I was trying to add "Nouveau-Brunswick" as "NB" but to my surprise the "-" could not be entered (or even a space). It would be very nice to have this corrected... Thanks, Martin Roy
  8. Reference tag... what for?

    Thanks Jim, I was wondering because this tag seemed suited to record a publication that mentions an individual. A lot was written in history books on my acadian ancestors and I want to start keeping track of where they are mentionned... Regards, Martin Roy
  9. Hi, A quick and simple question that I can't seem to find an answer for in the manual or in Getting the most of... What is the intended use of the Reference Tag? Thanks, Martin
  10. Editing the Master Place List

    Hi, Regarding sources... There is a checkbox you can select at Step 5 of the GEDCOM import (select advanced wizard) that will combine identical sources. I have used it on BK5 Gedcom before and it worked well. Regards, Martin Roy Ottawa, ON
  11. Hi, A suggestion for future releases of TMG: the possibility to record source/citations for Timelines events. Thanks, Martin Roy, Ottawa
  12. Hi, I recently had to enter multiple new people and this brought a simple suggestion for improvement: Why not have a "Add Parents" template where BOTH parents could be added along with their marriage data. The current possible ways to had father and mother to an existing person has more steps than one wishes for... Regards, Martin
  13. Split Screens

    Hi, Absolutely! I've been doing this for a few months. But I suspect there is some issues when creating reports to Excel (list of people or events) as it seems to be the only time error messages pop up (but the reports are ok). Martin
  14. Does anyone know if it's possible to have different colors in the Detail person view? For example, I'd like to show the Name/Place details for marriage, Son-Bio and Dau-Bio in different colors. It would make it much faster at a glance to see who/where the spouse(s) is (are) and the children(s)... "touched up" example below: