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  1. Hi! Yes, I'm aware of that method. But I'm trying to do the translation in a faster way. Currently I extract the text with a homegrown program into a text file which I translate using a language translation program (plus some manual translations). After that I "refit" the language file to TMG. It works most of the way (TMG shows up translated) but I get some error messages when starting TMG and also in some submenus. Thanks for the suggestion, though. Thomas
  2. AFAICS, there is no dbf-file for the projec I use for testing (which is the sample project that is delivered with TMG). Furthermore, if this table/file is created for each project, there must be a "template" in Swedish (in this case) for that. Where is this "template" ? About the "translators", I don't know who they are or how to get in contact with them, maybe You can help me with that ? TIA Thomas
  3. Yes. (Is that the "Descendant Chart.rpt" file ?) Thomas
  4. If the strings for the tags are included in the dbf-file You get when You do an "export" of a language, they will also be translated. Thomas
  5. I'm trying to translate TMG to Swedish but getting errors when opening with my new language file. As I have edited the file with a homegrown program it's not suprising although it works by 90% - as most of the texts in TMG show up translated. Nevertheless I'm still getting a couple of "Syntax error: 0 MAIN" when starting TMG and in some menus. As I heard that the format is an Access DB I tried to open the file with MS Access but it doesn't recognized the format. So the question is what exactly is the format of the language db ? If it's a TMG internal format I would be grateul for a description of it. TIA Thomas Berg
  6. Translation to Swedish

    About the "Syntax Error: 0 MAIN", I can think of a reason: my constructed version of the SWEDISH.dbf file could have a slightly wrong format or header. If anyone have a flawlessy working cSWEDISH.dbf file (apart from the translation part of course) please send a copy to me for comparing with my file.
  7. Translation to Swedish

    Hi Christer and Harry ! I have now done a rough translation of the "whole smuck". (Used a translation program and then corrected some of the worst misses.) There are of course a lot of errors but it's usable. Now I (we ?) have to correct them and that will take some time... There are also some strings that were not translated, I don't know why for the moment. Two pics of the translated TMG (at least Christer can see at to which degree I have succeded...): BTW, I get: "Syntax Error: 0 MAIN" a couple of times when starting TMG after the translation, have to click "Ignore" until I can begin work with TMG. Thomas
  8. Translation to Swedish

    Thanks !! Will read it. Thomas
  9. Hi! I have recently bought TMG v6. As I'm living in Sweden I want to have all text translated to Swedish. I suppose that there are no translations availible - not even outside of WhollyGenes ? Therefore I will translate the texts myself. Could You please give me directions of how to proceed with this task. (Files, format of the files, recommended tools, etc.) Apart from the translations I have some minor customizations that are needed to accomodate TMG to Nordic genealogy standards. One is that we use the attribute of "gender chains" for our ancestors, e g "ffmf" for our mothers-mothers-fathers-mother etc. I want this attribute to show up in some reports and screens. TIA Thomas Berg