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  1. Jim Byram, will TMG 8.04 run on WIN10? I too am finally being forced off of WIN7 and am moving over to WIN10. Hey, at least I'm getting a new PC out of it. (I guess that's good.) If TMG8.04 won't run on WIN10 do I have any recourse, or will I lose all of my data? SCARY THOUGHT!!!!!
  2. OH THANK YOU!!! Virginia! You've made my day!
  3. Can I save vcf reports as ".jpg" file types? It isn't an obvious choice upon saving, even as a "save as." I am making a family tree photo book via a photo website. In the past I have printed the vcf reports, scanned them and saved them as ".jpg" file types so I can include them in the photo book. The image is fuzzy and the quality is not very good. If I could save the reports as ".jpg" file types it would be GREAT.
  4. I need help printing Descendant Indent Report. I am running TMG v8.04 yet I get the following error which refers to v7: "Error exporting to C:\Documents and Settings\Barbara J Heard\MyDocuments\The Master Genealogist v7\Report_output\CookStJohn ID 113 IndDesc.PDF" I've tried changing the output to WORD and I get a similar error message that ends in the following: "...\CookStJohn ID 113 Ind Desc.DOC is in use by another application or cannot be deleted. Retry?" When I click on "retry" I keep getting the same error message. My hunch is I'm doing something wrong obvious to everyone but me. Thanks for your help. Barbara Heard
  5. I just bought GedView and now I have both of my TMGv8 projects on my Ipod Touch! YIPPEE!! I've been without my data going with me everywhere for almost two years. It's been terrible. Now I have it back. HOORAY! Thanks for the suggestion Jim.
  6. OK, thanks Jim. I'll go look around.
  7. I'd rather not use SS for the reasons mentioned above. I am hoping there is something for the Ipod like the program that is/was available for Palm products. I can't remember the name of the software since I haven't used it in a LONG time. Should I contact WG on Monday and see if they know of a product like I'm looking for?
  8. F3 Repeat Key

    Here it is 3-1/2 months after this original thread started, but I'm having the same problem. The "F3 - repeat function key" does not work for me. When I'm in TMGv8 and touch the "F3" key it opens Excel. Yes, I have typed data into the field that I am trying to repeat information in to. I did all the tips and suggestions from this March '12 thread and none of them fixed the problem. My PC is Dell Windows7, 64 bit. The F3 repeat worked just fine in TMGv7 on the same machine. Any new ideas to solve this issue? Thanks for your help. Barbara
  9. Is there a companion product that will facilitate me loading my TMGv8 data onto my Ipod? I searched "ipod" in this forum but didn't get any results. I looked from the main page of this WG site under 'companion products' and didn't see anything. There are so many Apple "I..." users out there I can't believe that no one has created the program I'm looking for. TIA. BJH
  10. can't upload my pic to profile

    I've decided to post a picture of me into my profile but it keeps failing. Any tricks I need to know about?
  11. I'm really sorry to be so DENSE but..... what 'VFI.log file in the project folder?' What project folder? I know I can look at the exhibits showing frowny faces in the exhibit log one-by-one, but is there an easy way to see those 30 exhibit logs in one list? Like I said, I'm really being dense today. It has been a long time since I did anything in TMG so I'm really rusty. Thanks for the help. BJH
  12. It appears some of my external exhibits are OK but others are not. In this one project 69 external exhibits were checked for and 30 were NOT found. Can I get a list of who those 30 NOT found were associated with?
  13. I just upgraded from v7.04 to v8.04. All of the links for my external exhibits seem to be missing. The images are in a folder in "my pictures". I looked at Terry's TMG tips and followed his recommendation to uncheck the "external exhibits" button in 'project items' but the link to the external exhibits still didn't show up. I know I can manually recreate the link to the exhibits but I'd sure rather let the programs get the info for me. I'm running a PC Windows7 64bit. Thanks for your advise and help. BJ Heard in hot Amador County, CA
  14. Hi Michael, I contacted Dorothy Turner at WG and she had me delete the TMGv7 folders that had been created, then try again. I did both and it worked! :-) Thanks for your time answering my plea for help. I appreciate it. Barbara Heard
  15. My computer expert (aka Husband) says I misspoke earlier. The process was in the middle of installing when it crashed.