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  1. Project in use elsewhere..

    Virginia When restoring I get through to finish and then receive the message that it can't restored due to someone else using. I do my restores through the Welcome window. Faye
  2. Project in use elsewhere..

    Hi Virginia Thankyou for your suggestion. Just tried your it with no luck. The problems is still there. Faye
  3. Project in use elsewhere..

    First of thankyou for replying to my query. In reply to your question Robert I backed up v7 and then tried to restore in v8. As an extra I also backed up onto a stick and neither can I make work. V7 still exists and no I don't have both open at the same time. To answer your last question not to my knowledge. I seems strange that I have been able to restore 2 of my projects but not my third one. It has restored a previous back up of my thrid project but not the latest one that I did for the transfer to v8. With thanks Faye
  4. Project in use elsewhere..

    I have installed and reinstalled tmg8 and when trying to restore a project from 7 to 8 I received message "someone else is using the selected project and is not possible to restore it". I would appreciated any help to resolve this problem. Faye