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  1. TMG Won't Load

    Virginia, I appreciate very much you answering me, because I do not know the file structure at all never having had a problem like this. When I open TMG v9.05 and go to my preferences, the eight paths are C:\Users\Bud\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Backups\, then Configuration files, Exhibit folder, Export, Repeat files, Report output, Slideshow and Timelines. There is no "project" path here. Under Program Options: General, there is a path C:\Users\Bud\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects\. Is that the path for all my projects and their files? However, as I stated previously, all my projects and files are located at: Computer [forward arrow] OS [forward arrow] TMG - The Master Genealogist [forward arrow] The Master Genealogist v9 [forward arrow] projects. That is what is in my address bar. What are the forward arrows? Are they comparable to \ or /? My program was working perfectly a couple days ago, now all of a sudden everything seems to have moved on their own. I am at a total loss as to how to fix this. It is so confusing to me I don't know if I can explain this. You said there are 140 files for each project. If you look at the Dropbox zip file I placed on here earlier, there aren't anywhere near that number. I just zipped one project but I have a couple dozen others all in the same file location listed alphabetically. It seems it would be a lot easier to just change my preferences and project paths that to try to move all those files. But I don't know what to put for the forward arrows. This is one heck of a mess!
  2. TMG Won't Load

    Does anyone know what files I need to copy or what change to make in my preferences list to get TMG working again?
  3. TMG Won't Load

    I found all of by "stuff," including projects at: Computer [forward arrow] OS [forward arrow] TMG - The Master Genealogist [forward arrow] The Master Genealogist v9 [forward arrow] project. All my files are in there. I zipped the files and placed them in Dropbox at this link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32597005/tmg/Dorr_r.zip I just copied my personal project but all my other projects are there. So it appears that perhaps all my files ended up in a location not described by my paths. It is all so odd. I'm operating 64 bit Windows 7 home Bud
  4. TMG Won't Load

    Yes they are at: C:\Users\Bud\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\ There is a "projects" folder but all it contains is the sample. Where are my projects?
  5. TMG Won't Load

    I guess it is hopeless. I will begin all over again by restoring my backups, if that is possible. If that doesn't work, I will try to find my TMG v9 exe file and really begin all over again.
  6. TMG Won't Load

    Jim, I cannot find the project. Where would it be? When I bring up the sample and look to open a new project, there are none listed where before there were dozens.
  7. TMG Won't Load

    I posted the below message on the user group and they suggested I post it on this forum. It was suggested that Jim Byram may know the solution. Right now, it seems I need to load the sample to get in, then restore all my projects from backups. I have about 100 of these and would prefer to find another solution. Right now I can only load the sample project and none of my others is listed thus I cannot access them. Hi all: I guess my charmed TMG life had to come to an end sometime. I've managed to avoid any serious problems in the over 15 years I've been using this great program. I went to fire up TMG this morning and got this. "Repair mode has been activated." I hit "OK" The TMG screen came up and it said it was loading, then I got this: the blue options screen which listed a bunch of options such as last, sample, select. etc. All choices are available except the "last" which is grayed out. I did not dare to hit any of the other choices not knowing what would happen so I just hit the "x" at the right top. Then I got this: The Master Genealogist (repair mode) message which stated: "An error happened when opening the data tables...File C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\THE MASTER GENEALOGIST V9\_ND.dbf not found." I hit OK and TMG is off my screen. What now? Bud Dorr