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    TMG Users Group, meets 4th Wednesday of the month except December. For further information please send an email to tmgusers@vicgum.asn.au
  1. Melbourne TMG Users Group

    PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF ADDRESS FOR NEXT MEETING and following meetings. Please read the note below which is also on the VicGUM site. The Master Genealogist User Group The November 27, 2013 meeting will be held at Margaret Whitaker's place, Camberwell, 9888 6671 (Does not meet in December) Email: tmgusers@vicgum.asn.au See VicGUM meetings page for details of place and times for 2014 meetings.http://www.vicgum.asn.au/otheractivities.htm I no longer will be holding meetings at my house. I made a decision to sell my house only a few weeks ago. The next few months I am not sure where I will be while I wait for the new place to be completed. The 2014 meeting place is still being decided. I have enjoyed hosting the meetings. Janice Cornwell Melbourne Down Under
  2. Family and Tree tab changes from version 7?

    Well I'm with Robert and Joanne. This process works perfectly in TMG 7 but not in TMG 8. I also get the mother as the focus when you go to the the Family or Tree TAB. And when Paul said he has figured it out, sorry Paul, that is definitely not how it works in TMG7 for me. And what's more if you start in the Family or Tree view in TMG 8 then go to the Person view you get the correct (ie same) person. It is only when you start with the Person view and go to a Tree or Family view that is goes to the persons mother (if there is one). So I say there _is_ a problem with the way TMG 8 is working. Graeme Simpson
  3. Melbourne TMG Users Group

    Contact : tmgusers@vicgum.asn.au Meeting Info: 4th Wednesday of the month except December. 7.30p.m. Other info: Meeting held in a private house Ashwood area. Email coordinator to get directions.