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  1. Hi Helmut The emails I have received from Wholly Genes are: 1: Wholly Genes Software Customer Receipt/Purchase _ (This is just a receipt for the purchase) 2: Your Download from Wholly Genes _ (This is a link for the download) 3: Your Wholly Genes Order #2135964 _ (This email displays only the old serial for v8. Upgrade TMG Gold v8 to Gold v9 (Download only) 1 $29.95 $29.95 EDITION: EDITION_USG tmgv8gcode: ............ ) I have sent an email to TMG Support, but have not received any answer from them yet. rgds Jan
  2. Hi I have bought the upgrade from v8 to v9 and installed with no problems. But when I try to unlock the trial-version with the serial number I got in the accompanying email; I only get a response that the serial is illegal and I have to continue with the trial-version. I note that the serial I received in the email when I bought the update is exactly similar to the one I had for v8 !!! Is that correct ?? Any solution ? rgds Jan Christensen Skien, Norway