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  1. Custom Tag Types after 8.02 Upgrade

    Thank you - that has done it! Delighted with such a quick fix - I was dreading having to rebuild everything.
  2. Earlier this week I did a clean install of 8.02 since I bought a new computer. After restoring my family tree, I've discovered that some custom tags I had created have disappeared and others have been renamed. In particular I had created custom tags for censuses by year and by country, e.g., 1790 Census US, 1841 Census Scotland, etc., with customised sentences. All the US census tags are gone, and all the UK and Canada based censuses are now renamed Census 18411, Census 184111 and so on. When I edit the master tag type list, I see that the language default is English (US). If I change this to English (UK), all my customisations reappear, but when I click the OK button, the language reverts to English (US) and my change isn't saved. Any ideas?
  3. Add multiple family members

    Thanks for reporting both. I think I'll leave the Add Multiple People window alone for the time being and wait for a patch.
  4. Add multiple family members

    Thanks Terry. It's a bit unfortunate then that the Help Menu clearly states that there is a provision for adding sureties on the Add Multiple People function. I'm afraid I don't understand your response to the place style problem I was having. When I use the Add People screen and use an existing place, when I go to close the window, I'm prompted to use the existing place style for that location (if one exists) or the option of overwriting that style with the project default. When I tried out the Add Multiple People screen, I wasn't given any such prompt and it automatically selected the default place style. Are you saying I should set up a specific Tag Type in the Add Multiple People screen for every different place style I use so I don't have my place styles overwritten when I close?
  5. I'm trying out the add multiple children feature, which looks very handy in theory. First problem is that I am not getting an option to add citation surety for each item added. The help menu says "(Advanced Mode only), you can also enter the surety for the fields in the citation. If you enter a citation without a surety, you will be given a warning that you have done so if this option is checked in File > Preferences > Program Options: Prompts." I'm in Advanced Mode and have gone back into Preferences to turn it off and on again to make sure, but do not get any prompt for surety values when I enter a citation against the multiple entries. The other problem I've found with the Add Multiple People window is that it resets my custom place styles to the project default when I select a place from the Master Places List. There's no warning on the Add Multiple People screen to ask if I want this to happen or if I want to use the default, but I do get a warning on the Add Person screen when adding an individual. I'm using TMG Gold 8.0 UK. I have Preferences > Program Options > Warnings set to warn when tag has no citation and when citation has no sureties. I have Program Options > Data Entry set to Advanced with Place labels enabled. Am I missing something?
  6. Conversion Error # 6

    Aha - sorted! I had just re-installed the National Burial Index v2 and had an error on start-up, so looked at the FFHS site for guidance and found an explanation which not only fixed the NBI2 Viewer, but, when applied to TMG7, made Conversion Error #6 go away! For anyone else having Conversion Error #6, this is what worked for me: "locate the menu option for the TMG, (or you can use the Desktop icon). Right-click on this with your mouse and from the pop-up menu select 'Properties'. From the Properties dialogue, go to the 'Compatibility' tab (left). In the 'Privilege Level' section towards the bottom, click the checkbox labelled "Run this program as an administrator". Then click the OK button. This will now always run the TMG in Administrator mode. As the program starts you will see a pop-up box entitled "User Account Control" - just click "allow" for the program to load successfully. Note that if the checkbox in the Properties dialogue (left) was greyed with a tick in it, you already have administrator privileges throughout the whole system."* (replaced NBI with TMG throughout) Very happy now!!!
  7. Conversion Error # 6

    Unfortunately the fix showing in the archiver had to do with file depth where the wordproc folder was located when people had installed TMG 6 to anything other than the default directory. I've installed to the default (just on D: rather than C: as that's where all my program files are located), so file depth isn't anything unusual -- it's still Program Files > The Master Genealogist v7 > wordproc. I tried running some sample reports and saving them straight onto the C: drive or the D: drive, or just into a new top-level folder called Test, as one of the other workarounds was shorter file path length, but without any joy -- Conversion Error # 6 at the same point each time. Sorry -- was typing my previous message at the same time you were replying -- yes, the *.rpt files are in the Configuration_files folder and are showing today (just a minute ago as I just had another go at creating a report) as the Date modified. Just tried the Sample Project and ran the Descendant Indented Chart, Descendant Indented Narrative, Ahnentafel - Direct Line and Family Group Sheet and all had Conversion Error # 6. So at least it's not my project -- that's one variable eliminated!
  8. Conversion Error # 6

    It worked with TMG 6 on XP, but I didn't run any reports using TMG 7 on XP before moving to TMG 7 on Vista. It's affecting all reports being exported to Word 2000 and above. I've tried it with sources and memos, one at a time and neither, but the same thing happens -- the error appears just as the report has finished running and when Word should open. There is a correctly-named .doc file saved in the destination folder, but it's blank (0 KB). I'll have a look through the list archive and see if I can find something related -- thanks!
  9. Conversion Error # 6

    It's a default report configuration, so the Delete button reset the defaults, and the report works on default settings, that is, a print preview rather than writing to a file. It was set to use the default printer so I've now set it to a specific printer. Unfortunately, though, I'm still getting Conversion Error # 6 just as it's about to launch the finished report. I've tried re-starting the software in between attempts and checked to see that all the settings remained before running a new report. I've also tried saving it to various other locations in case this has something to do with Vista's permissions about saving in one folder or another, but to no effect. Holly
  10. Conversion Error # 6

    I'm running TMG 7 UK on Vista Home Premium with Office 2003 and when I try to print a descendant indented chart to Word 2003, I keep getting the error "Conversion Error # 6: One or more errors in configuration file" right at the end of the process when it would open Word to display the report. I get the same if I try to create an .rtf. I've run Repair on Word but I see from some other topics that a conversion error might be from TMG and not Office. I can create a text file, but it truncates the line length and I have to enter the missing information manually. There are files created in the destination folder, but they're blank when I open them separately. I've seen some threads about conversion errors -- is "#6" a new one?
  11. File access is denied (log files)

    Thanks all. I did run it on XP for a few days, just long enough to get really excited about new features. I also have a colleague who bought a brand new computer with Vista pre-installed and his rapturous exclamations about how fancy and pretty it was, so I have to admit that that helped persuade me to do the upgrade. I've done a complete uninstall and removed the TMG folders in Documents and Program Files and will possibly attempt another install tonight to see if that fixes the problem. Things are looking up: if I can just get TMG and my firewall to install and run properly, I won't be forced to use the whole "reboot the computer with a brick" option...
  12. I've just upgraded from XP to Vista and, following some trouble with the upgrade (toddler wandered in and pushed the bright shiny reset button on the computer midway through), wound up doing a clean install. For some reason this caused the computer to rename my C:, D: and E: drives, so what was previously my C: drive is now D:. I then downloaded and re-installed TMG 7 and directed it to install in D:, otherwise using the default location. My Documents, with the TMG data files, is also on the D: drive. Each time I try to open TMG, I get the same three errors: "File access is denied: d:...\documents\the master genealogist v7\logs\_programstartlog.log", "...defined paths.log" and then, following the splash screen, "registercontrol.log. 13 TMGAPPOBJ.MOCX". If I hit Retry for each, the errors repeat. If I hit Ignore, the software opens and I've restored my 6.12 backup, but each time it reverts to opening at the same person, rather than the most recently edited person. I can't add tags or edit existing tags because I get an error that "both principals must be from the same data set". I upgraded only yesterday and have had nothing but headaches with file permissions and access rights. If it weren't for TMG 7 being designed for Vista rather than XP, I would have stuck with XP. I wanted some of the new features in TMG 7 and have been procrastinating about the Vista upgrade since last March, saying that it was all dependent upon TMG releasing v7. Now I have Vista and TMG 7 but I don't think a single thing I've installed has worked properly...
  13. Function Name is Missing

    Thank you! I knew the answer had to be here somewhere but missed that response. Ah...all better now.
  14. Hi all Since unzipping the Update Web Places file into my TMG folder, I've been getting this error every time I open: ErrorMarker:Function name is missing ). 36 TMGAPPOBJ.MUPDATEWEBPLACES If I select Abort, the programme closes; if I select Retry it just brings up the same error; if I select Ignore twice, the programme opens and everything seems fine. Is this something I can fix quickly? Do I need to redo the update? Did I miss a step (quite possible)? Thanks! Holly