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  1. wise update error

    Thank you; I had forgotten it and it works fine now ! Pieter
  2. wise update error

    Hi. Having re-installed TMG 7 on a new vista computer, and wanting to upgrade to version 7.02, I get an error message that states that no program is associated with the "wise update engine". I did not have that on my previous vista machine. Any suggestions how to cure this ... thanks,Pieter.
  3. errror 56appoject.show not exist

    Support gave me the follwoing solution: : Please read the following: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...?showtopic=9284 Pieter
  4. Hi I downloaded V7 succesfully and installed it under Vista (fam premium edition) and rebooted. When I then start TMG 7 and then open the sample project, I get a warning " File does not exist 56 Appobject.show" When I click on 'ignore' button the next warning is the same file but with number 58, etc., all the way to "76 appobject.show does not exist". I click each time 'ignore ' and then finally the sample project loads succesfully... I distinstalled and rebooted and reinstalled TMG7 and rebooted but to no avail ... also a repair isntallation did not change anything. I have now converted my V6 project to V7 ( by backup and restoring to V7) succesfully, but each time I start TMG 7, and open my project, I get the same warnings as above. Again ignoring the warnings will finally load my project, but this is not a normal procedure... What can be the reason and how to repair this? Thank for your help. Pieter
  5. 6.08 Backup Problem

    Several persons on the Dutch TMG user group complain about this backup-restore problem. It is not acceptable that this bug exists. Wholly Genes should really rush out an upgrade to eliminate this bug. Pieter Cramwinckel TMGWNED list owner