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  1. Importing from V4 to V7 problems

    Give Tech Support (support@whollygenes.com) a call or email. Explain your problem and they will give you the instructions to email or upload your files to them. They will be able to get your files into v7.
  2. Download only to two computers?

    All you have to do is download the the installation file to one of your computers, copy the file to CD or USB drive and install on the other computer. The file is always available as the 30 Day Free Trial from the Wholly Genes Website. Your v7 serial number removes the trial attributes. Barbara
  3. The little Person Icon

    I thought it's bright & happy when you're online, and gray and unhappy when you're not.
  4. TMG7 duplicated

    Please read: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...?showtopic=9001
  5. Version 4.0d

    Contact support directly at support@whollygenes.com and they can supply the patch file.
  6. Version 7 printed manual

    From the The Master Genealogist Electronic Users Guide Download Site: "Note that the Help file has been extensively updated but the Users Guide contains only the core features of TMG and has not changed with the release of TMG v7." This is also true for the printed version. Terry Reigel has released a new set of pages about TMG 7 on his website: tmg.reigelridge.com/version7.htm
  7. Ver 7 Upgrade

    Check your Spam or Junk mail folders.
  8. Was the space for the horizontal stroke there? If so, the stroke was probably cut into the stone. From years of stone reading, that stroke is one of the first to erode away, so we rely on the spacing of 1861 and 186 1.
  9. Pocket Genealogist -PAF and FTM Add-on

    That's a question to ask of the developer at www.northernhillssoftware.com
  10. Family Filter

    Somehow my 1st reply got canned when I posed the reply to my reply. I'll put up my first response a bit later tonight. Dinner is cooking
  11. Family Filter

    oops this didn't translate well - think of a pedigree chart. --- (1. this person) ---| | --- (2. this person's ggg grandfather) ---| | | --- | ---| | --- | ---| | --- | ---| | | --- (3. this person's gg grandmother) ---| | --- (4. this person) ---| ---
  12. Pocket PC

    The toolbox for cemetery research includes your data on either a PALM or Pocket PC for reference only, a camera (spare batteries & memory card), paper & pencils, a GPS and maybe some stonecutter's copy paper for those impossible to read stones. Don't try and do any data entry into your PDA! Don't forget your bug spray! Enter the results of your field trip in the comfort of your home (or hotel) where you have the time to analyze the data with a nice hot chocolate (or other drink of choice.)
  13. Chartform

    Contact Dorothy or Phil in Tech Support and they can provide the missing file. This file was a system file in the Win98 days but is not included in WinXP. TMG 4 uses ctl3d.dll.
  14. GEDCOM multi marriage handling

    See: http://www.whollygenes.com/forums201/index...?showtopic=7290 for an explanation. Barbara
  15. 24 Feb 2007 Chat Transcripts

    Thanks, Terry. Hope you can join us tonight.
  16. Tag Entry Screen Error

    I see that this behavior is happening on any project you open, therefore I suggest you do a clean install of TMG. CLEAN INSTALL DIRECTIONS: Have the Serial Number for The Master Genealogist email available. Backup All (project & customizations) Copy and Paste your Project and Pics folders to a safe place (Desktop or other folder). Use Windows Add/Remove programs to remove The Master Genealogist (for all users) Delete the remaining The Master Genealogist folder from the Program Files folder Turn off and restart your computer. Disable all virus software before reinstalling. For TMG 6, use your CD or go to www.whollygenes.com and download the 30-Day Trial version. Unlock it for the full version. The 30-Day Trial version is always the latest setup file. Install TMG and update if necessary. Return the data folders and Restore customizations from your backup. Barbara (No longer in Tech Support)
  17. Synchronization between two computers

    I use a 80 gig USB hard drive to keep my data and external exhibits. I just move the drive between computers and always have the correct project. Backups are to each computers hard drive, giving me backups on at least 2 computers
  18. Spaces Between Sentences

    This won't answer your question but learning to type on manual typewriters and early seletronic IBMs, I understand where you're coming from wanting the two spaces between sentences. The Chicago Manual of Style now says: 2.12: Line spacing and word spacing ... A single character space, not two spaces, should be left after periods at the ends of sentences (both in manuscript and in final, published form) and after ...
  19. file name changed - can't open

    If you have a current backup of your project, just use Restore from the Welcome Window and restore your project. If you do not have a current backup, use Windows Explorer and carefully change the file names back to what they were. A TMG project has about 80 files that all begin with the Project name. Note that the .pjc file has two underscores in the file name. If you contine to have problems, contact Tech Support. Dorothy or Phil will help you.
  20. IT WORKS! (Roots4 file import?)

    Contact Dorothy at Tech Support for importing your data. It will import best by first importing into TMG 4 and then into TMG 6. She'll need either your original files or your backups.
  21. Error occurs when adding a new person

    Does it happen using the Sample Project?
  22. Family Group Sheet Color

    The FGS shading has alway grey scale. However, going back to the tmg-l archives, Virginia Blakelock wrote:
  23. Deleting Marriages

    Check the children to see if both parents are listed as primary. When all the children have the correct primary parents the additional marriage will vanish.
  24. Creating Reports

    Both the Genealogy Report (Register) and Genealogy Report (Modified Register) are now in Report > Journal.
  25. Wishlist: New Type of Search

    Just hit F2 twice. Then type Smith, John in the search box and go straight to the first John Smith. This method will not begin searching until you hit enter (or click ok).