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  1. Is it possible to get a list of the most recent entries I've done on my program? Is it possible to get that on a data set I imported from a ged file? I uploaded some of my information to Ancestry.com. I added several 1940 census tags (and other records) to the tree on Ancestry.com. Of course, now I would like them on my real data set on TMG, but I've forgotten which people I added the 1940 census records too. Apparently I cannot get a report on that website showing who I added records to so I thought I'd try exporting the file and importing into a temporary project. Anyone have suggestions on how I might get a list without too much trouble? Thanks.
  2. memo length

    I added a rather lengthy memo to a Miscellaneous tag. When I closed the tag screen and went back to the Person View nothing showed up on that tag line. Normally it would have the place listed first and then part of the memo. I get nothing. Not even the county & state. If I delete the lengthy memo then the county & state shows up like normal. I can put one line in the memo and that will show up. It's only if I put the lengthy memo back in that absolutely nothing shows up on that line. Is there a way to fix this? I'm using TMG, version 8, gold edition. Thanks.
  3. I noticed last night that the appearance of Family Group Sheets has changed from Version 7. Version 8 puts it in a table form. How can I have the report in the same format as Version 7? I prefer the old appearance over the table version. Or at least how can I get rid of the table format? I'm sending the report to Word for editing. And I have TMG 8 Gold. Thanks.
  4. Master Place List

    Thanks. I did this and it worked. I did notice though that there were some that had no events. For example, there would be two places for "File 1." So I'd click the Events button for the top one and there would be nothing to see. Then I'd click the Events button for the 2nd "File 1" and there would be the details for that tag. I closed up the Master Place List and went to the person/event in question. Only one tag ("File 1") there for that person. I opened it up and it didn't look any different than other tags. So while I highly suspect that it was something I did that created the problem I'm not sure how to undo whatever it was that I did. Any ideas on how to correct it? The particular "File 1" example is a birth tag for a baby that was given up for adoption. So I thought that even if the two places showed up in the MPL, one for mom and one for baby, then there ought to be some details for both when clicking on the Events button. Right?
  5. Is there a way to open up a person tag from the Master Place List? I went to the Master Place List to see about doing some place corrections more easily. So while I was there I noticed some oddball things that I had apparently done, but I can't see which people I had done them to. Even if it is not possible to open up that person from the Master Place List is there a way to see the ID # that goes with those tags?
  6. Yes, the 'Paces by place detail' was enabled. It's all fixed now. Thanks for your help, it's very much appreciated. You're a Peach, a Doll, a TMG Superhero in my eyes. I hadn't worked much with Family Group Sheets prior to a month or so ago. It's all coming back to me now what happened during a little meltdown of WHY WON'T THIS PRINT WHAT I WANT and clicking everything there was to click.
  7. Yes, the report is sent to Word. I will definitely look for the field code display tonight. Thanks. Any ideas on why it is only doing that to some tags? Sometimes I do a copy & paste in TMG but not all the time and I nearly always do a paste special with only plain text.
  8. Some of the tags in my Family Group Sheet have text repeated. Please look at the examples below. I'd appreciate if someone could tell me what I've done wrong and how to fix it. Thanks. Burial: after 6 Oct 1909 Hennington Cemetery, Holland, Texas{XE "Hennington Cemetery:Holland, Texas"}. Marriage: 27 Oct 1850 by Rev. Henry Hennington, Copiah County, Mississippi{XE "by Rev. Henry Hennington:Copiah County, Mississippi"} Why is it doing that? I've checked the tags and I didn't do double entries. It happens A LOT on my burial tags.
  9. citation error?

    Yes, it was in the Citation Memo Field and the Citation Detail field. After reading Virginia's post I think it was probably a hidden code because I did copy & paste from WordPerfect. Though it didn't appear when I first pasted it in the fields. Only after I closed the screen and then later went back to double check something did it appear. I deleted the offending text and it has not shown back up. I even closed out of TMG and reopened. Luckily for me, I had only done the one citation. Once I spotted it, I stopped in my tracks until the mystery was solved with your assistance.
  10. I've started entering my census sources and I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is an error message or not. This appears in front of what I had entered in the memo field for my citation: { SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1} Originally I had put my data in the detail field. And I either got the same thing above or something similar. So I thought maybe I had too much information. So I moved it all down to the memo field. When I went back to look, there it was again. This is what now appears in my memo field (I cut out the web address): { SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1}William Burgess, 1880 U.S. Census, Population Schedule, Milam, Texas, , 5-pct, 3 (penned), 306 (stamped), dwelling 2, family 3; National Archives Microfilm T9, Roll 1320, Digital Image at Proquest, HeritageQuest Online, Accessed 18 October 2005 at .... Is this an error? Is it telling me to go look at some chapter somewhere? I haven't seen this on my other sources though I admit I don't have that many nor do any of them have as much information in the detail or memo fields. Is there a limit to how much information you can put in the detail and memo fields?