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  1. Source Reminders

    One member of our user group cannot get the source reminder to display when she is adding a citation. In an effort to resolve this issue we have run repair, reinstalled TMG, reset the preferences to default and unchecked cue cards. She does not have many programs on her computer other than TMG, Microsoft Office, Maleware Bytes and Belarc Advisor. I have all of these same programs without ever having this problem. Any suggestions on how to activate her source reminders?
  2. Source Reminders

    Thank you so much. I was easily able to follow your directions and the source reminders work just like they should. She is very happy to have her TMG fully functioning again. Thank you, Susan
  3. Source Reminders

    Still having problems. Since the posting has gotten long, here is a summary. One member of our user group cannot get the source reminder to display when she is adding a citation. This reminder is part of the source definition on the supplemental tab. If the tag reminders exist (tag type definition on the other tab in reminder), these work properly. In an effort to resolve this issue we have run repair, reinstalled TMG, reset the preferences to default and unchecked cue cards. Jim Byram cleaned the *M.dbf and *M.fpt files and these were used to replace the files in the project. I am still looking for help because this is a problem that no one else in the User Group is having. Thanks
  4. Source Reminders

    Any additional suggestions? Is it possible that the file containing these source reminders has been corrupted? The user is still stuck without access to this helpful information.
  5. Source Reminders

    If you click the yellow plus sign to bring up the Tag Type List and click on the Other tab Reminder this is what I have been calling the Tag Reminder. If you click on the Tag and bring up the Tag Entry screen and then click a Citation that is what I have been calling the Source Reminder. This appears on the Tag Type and also on the Source Supplemental tab with possibly some more additions. We do not create the Tag Reminder, these are by default. We do create the Source Reminder and sometimes modify it to be a little more specific. This Source Reminder is the reminder that we are trying to get to display. When edited the light bulb stays green. When we click on the light bulb icon nothing happens. Yes, I am looking for help because this is a problem that no one else in the User Group is having. Thanks.
  6. Source Reminders

    I could not get the centering to work and instead closed all but the Detail window and reduced the size to make sure that I knew if a window was opening up. There were no previously hidden windows. I tested 2 different tags to try to explain better what was happening. The Marriage Tag has a Tag Reminder. When I edit the Marriage Tag the Tag Reminder shows. When I edit the Citation the Source Reminder does not show. The Obituary does not have a Tag Reminder. When I edit the Obituary Tag no Tag Reminder shows because there is not one. When I edit the Citation no Source Reminder shows. The Tag Reminder works correctly. The Source Reminder does not work correctly. Any suggestions?
  7. Source Reminders

    The "Open Reminder window automatically" is checked, however the source reminder does not appear when the green lightbulb is clicked.
  8. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    I had the column big enough to display 5 digits originally. I then copied a source and changed the number to 1001 and again to 1002. Only the 100 displayed for each. I closed the program thinking it would not work like before. I opened TMG after reading your response and it is now displaying correctly. I must have given up too quickly before and renumbered the source I thought was not displaying correctly before I closed the program. Somehow that caused the number to display correctly. This is good to know because I am once again wanting to expand my source numbers beyond 999.
  9. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    What I meant by overwhelm my Master Source List was the ability to display higher source numbers. If I try to go above 999 it only displays the first 3 digits of the number in the List. Otherwise everything woks ok. How do I get all 4 digits to display on the List?
  10. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    Here is another option. After reviewing Evidence Explained we decided that the bibliography entry (for U.S. Census) should start with the state and the county. for each census year so we created a source definition for each census year, state, and county . Then we included all households in that source located within the same county. The census tag then uses the head of household as Principal 1 and any spouse of the head as Principal 2. All other family members are witnesses and assigned a role and non-family members (servants or boarders) are listed in the memo. This allows the tag to be edited from either principal or any witness. We created a few new roles: child, child-in-law, parent, parent-in-law, grandchild, sibling, sibling-in-law and nephew/niece in addition to family just in case we missed a relationship. TMG then utilizes the sex flag and the male and female sentence to get the correct wording in the sentences. The repository is the National Archives and Records Administration however we do create a new source definition for each type: film or online (Ancestry, FamilySearch etc.). Like the last contributor the citation detail is very detailed and includes 2 parts for film and 3 parts for online because the access date needs to be included. Our reminder for the film version is: 1900 CD is entered as: Location starting after the county, Magisterial District #, city, ward #, vol. #, p. #-A or B (stamped), ED #, sheet #, line #, house #, dwelling #, family #, farm schedule #, name of H of H||#### [for the roll number] This format changes with each census. This utilizes the features of TMG including not creating a source definition for every household and splitting the citation detail to make a more readable footnote/endnote. The output form for the full footnote is: [TITLE], [RECORD INFO], [CD1]; NARA microfilm publication [FILM], roll [CD2]. The output form for the bibliography is: [LOCATION]. [RECORD TYPE], [RECORD INFO]. NARA microfilm publication [FILM], [ROLL]. [REPOSITORY ADDRESS]: [REPOSITORY], [ACCESS DATE]. If I created a source for every household I would now have 663 sources just for the U/S. Census which would overwhelm my Master List of Sources. That is why early on I created this system.
  11. report printing

    Yes, I agree with your statement that the screen preview window is not being opened. I also agree that a third-party application is blocking the function. The last 2 apps added to the computer were Microsoft Teams Meeting and the update to Microsoft Edge. After the Teams Meeting was added everything was still ok. The problem started after the update to Microsoft Edge. We already had to change 1 setting as a result of the update. We checked the default app for a .rtf file and it is set to Microsoft Word. Any suggestions on what setting we might need to change to fix this new problem?
  12. report printing

    We have 1 member of our user group with the same problem. I have reinstalled and run all 3 maintenance items to try to fix without any luck. TMG works fine except when you try to use screen preview. It sends her reports to C:\USERS\PLAST\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\TMG56335403\56805891.rtf. If you run other reports it only changes the name of the first part of the file name not the path. The name of the user is PLAST. This started happening after the last update to Microsoft Edge was distributed. We also had to change where our files were saved to allow us to be able to enter own own file name instead of the cryptic filename automatically chosen by Ancestry or ProQuest. Is it possible that this problem could also be fixed by changing the right setting, which I have been unable to locate? Previously it worked just fine. Also, if you use Save to and give it a name, it works just fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. My problems actually started in 8.06 with TMG starting quickly but then when I clicked last on the Welcome Window to load my project it started taking 10 minutes to load. This was 35 minutes at the highest point. I rebuilt my computer from the backup partition and then again from the DVD recovery disks. I reloaded 8.06 and it was taking about 13 minutes to load my project. Dorothy insisted that I go back to 8.08 so that she could help me and then suggested that I restore my last 8.04 backup. This solved everything after I restored about a month's worth of changes which took several days at least. At this point I only have Windows 7 Home Premium, Vipre Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes, TMG, Belarc Advisor, Adobe Reader, Adobe Digital Editions and FrontPage loaded on my computer. Now after a couple of weeks, I am back to taking 13-14 minutes to load my project. At least at this point, unlike when I was running 8.06, it is not slow once the data is loaded. I have run the maintenance and refreshed the relationships. I run Malwarebytes regularly and Vipre Antivirus does a deep scan every night. I defragment automatically every week. I am only using 13% of the 678 GB available to the C drive and have 8 GB of memory available on a quad-core hyper-threaded 2.6 GHz computer. Suggestions? Susan Moore
  14. TMG 8.08 Loads my project very slowly

    I do not know what Jim used to edit my file. I do know that he deleted and replaced the roles and/or tag for CENSUS1930 based on another tag. He identified the file ending in t.fpt in my project as the problem because it was very large. After the fix it was about 20% of the original size. My file is now 401 KB. It is larger, however I have added more roles since the fix. Susan Moore
  15. Problem with Tips Hints fonts

    If you still want to permanently (it can be reversed) increase the size of the font in the tips box this will work but you may need to resize some of the other fonts in TMG as a result. Control Panel Appearance and Personalization Display - Make text and other items larger or smaller Choices are Smaller - 100% (default), Medium - 125% and Larger - 150% Apply Hope this helps. Susan Moore
  16. I am reentering all of the information in this post and hopefully someone can delete the prior posts with the reports that do not display correctly. When I run the List of People Report, I am not getting the correct number of marriages for some people and in one case the number of spouses is also incorrect. In two cases it reports one less marriage and one of these also one less spouse and in the other cases it reports a marriage that is not entered. This is only incorrect for one of the spouses. Here is a portion of my report (output to Excel) with the last two columns added to help with the explanation. Multimarr is a custom flag that either contains the number of marriages or an N if not married or married only once regardless of the number of marriages actually entered. Is this also a bug in the report? Susan Moore Comparing the Name-Marr to the Spouses - Inconsistencies other than Name-Nick ref-3# sex marriages names spouses multimarr inconsistent comments 3S-206 --- M ----- 0 ------ 1 ----- 0 ------- N ---------- Y ----- marriage entered-not in count 3S-823 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 2W-743 --- M ----- 1 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- 2 ---------- Y ----- 1 of 2 marriages not in count 2W-216 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 2W-812 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 8F-628 --- F ----- 2 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 8F-571 --- M ----- 1 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 8F-579 --- F ----- 3 ------ 3 ----- 1 ------- 2 ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 8F-582 --- M ----- 1 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 8F-585 --- M ----- 1 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- 2 ---------- N ----- other marriage not entered-ok 5B-482 --- F ----- 3 ------ 3 ----- 1 ------- 2 ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 5B-661 --- M ----- 1 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 5B-337 --- M ----- 2 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- 2 ---------- N ----- ok 4B-273 --- M ----- 2 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 4B-436 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 4B-593 --- M ----- 2 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 4B-591 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 8F-546 --- M ----- 2 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 8F-550 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 1M-151 --- M ----- 2 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 1K-148 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 2W-703 --- M ----- 2 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 2W-213 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 8F-629 --- M ----- 2 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 8F-635 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 5B-495 --- M ----- 2 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 5B-330 --- F ----- 2 ------ 3 ----- 1 ------- 2 ---------- N ----- ok 8F-551 --- M ----- 3 ------ 1 ----- 1 ------- 2 ---------- Y ----- extra marriage not entered 8F-721 --- F ----- 1 ------ 2 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok 8F-508 --- F ----- 1 ------ 3 ----- 1 ------- N ---------- N ----- ok, has a name-var
  17. I have included the field, # of incomplete tasks, on my List of People Report and was getting inconsistent results. I then added the field, # of tasks, to the report and the numbers are identical. Why?
  18. Number of Incomplete Tasks

    I actually have people with 1 or more tasks: 63 that are complete that are listed as incomplete 3 that are incomplete that are listed as complete 111 that are correctly listed as incomplete. So this means that I need to wait for an update to TMG that will fix the problem?
  19. Adding a Citation ...

    I know this is not exactly what you wanted, however with using F2 or F3 for the place you can quickly enter the place. F2 would probably be easier if you have several levels to the place and F3 would be quicker if only one or two levels. With F3 you can repeat the source and the citation detail and would only need to add the surety values. This might speed up the process some. Susan Moore
  20. If it will not complicate the program too much because TMG already contains so many features, would it be possible to apply a color to the Flag Label like you can with the Tag Label? This has come in handy and would be very helpful when making changes to the same Tag Type for many individuals to have the corresponding Flag the same color. I presently display 39 Flags with only 2 of the Flags being standard. Also, I use Filtering on the Project Explorer frequently and being able to spot the value of a particular Flag quickly would be beneficial.
  21. I have a number of List of People reports that exceed nine fields for what I want to include in the Output Columns. With including flags that are only one digit and/or creating the report in the Excel format; the total width of the fields is not an issue. I never directly print a report because my reports are either viewed on the screen (for quick viewing) or exported to Excel and occasionally Word. Presently, I create a report and a part 2 and copy and paste the columns from the second report into the Excel worksheet of the first report. My extreme example has about 50 fields with only 13 of the fields being larger than a single digit and even 5 of these are very small. The single digit fields are all flags that I have created except for 2 of the standard flags. Would it be possible to allow for more fields to be included on the List of People reports? At least 12-15 would be terrific. Does there need to be a limit to the number of fields? Susan Moore
  22. TMG 8.06 very very slow

    Since I wrote you Jim Byram was able to figure out my problem. It turned out to be a corrupted sentence for a tag, Good luck on yours. Susan
  23. Conditional Flags and Tags

    Sounds like you need a List of People report exported in the Excel format that you can then sort and insert spacer lines to label as you want. If this is the correct direction that you want give me some idea of the number of fields that you want to output and I can give you some more help. Susan Moore
  24. TMG 8.08 Loads my project very slowly

    Thank you Jim and Helmut. My project has been restored and loads very fast. Susan Moore
  25. TMG 8.08 Loads my project very slowly

    Project emailed. 805 KB. Susan Moore