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  1. F3 Repeat Key

    Thank you for your help and suggestions. I think Michael was right when he said; "Is it possible you have pressed some key combination that toggles the meanings of Function keys? MicroSoft applications may be able to cope, but it is possible TMG needs them to work "normally". I downloaded TMG 8 to my laptop and it works fine. I then dug out an old keyboard and TMG works fine on my desktop with the old keyboard. Now all I have to do is figure out how to correct whatever I did with the regular keyboard. Just seems strange the repeat key works fine with Excel and table file repeats.
  2. F3 Repeat Key

    How do I get to settings?
  3. F3 Repeat Key

    Thank Virginia and Jim for your response to my problem. I still am not able to get any response from the F3 key. Last night I again went to File/Maintenance/Initialize Repeat Files. The initializing was successful. I understand this removed whatever was in my files to be repeated. I then entered seven new names into my database. With each one I typed in a city, county and state location. On four of them I entered notes in the memo box. This way I knew I had data in these fields. I then entered a seventh person and tried the repeat key in city, county, state and memo fields. The result in each case was a blank field. I also put the cursor in the state field and pressed, <Control>.+<F3> in hopes of accessing the list of the last entries. The field remained blank and did not show me I had previously entered anything in this field... I hope someone has an answer to this as this is getting frustrating. Thank you.
  4. F3 Repeat Key

    Yes, I have been using version 8 for over a month with no problems with the repeat key, or data entry.
  5. F3 Repeat Key

    Thank you Jim. I just tried refreshing the repeat files. A message said the refresh was successful. However, upon trying it the repeat key still did not work.
  6. F3 Repeat Key

    I have been using TMG for a long time and currently am using TMG 8. Recently I found I can not use the F3 repeat key to repeat entries such as date, city, county and state when doing inputting. I thought it was my keyboard. I tried using the F3 key for data entry in Microsoft Windows table file and with an excel spread sheet. It works fine. The only time I am having a problem is with TMG data entry. I have made sure there is something in the various fields before trying to repeat the entry. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. Dave Curtis