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  1. Terry, I am talking about journal reports, individual narrative and other reports. All show undated tags right after the person's name. If I put a sort date in TMG, the tag is sorted according to that date. The undated tags do not sort to the bottom like they do in TMG if that option is checked in preferences. Anita
  2. This gives you access to a Sort Date for all tags...enter a Sort Date to put the tags in the sequence you want...the Sort Date never prints and is just used for sequencing tags... The sort date does nothing to control where these tags end up on the reports. I have posted many times under Wish List and asked that this be changed. The sort date works wonderfully on the screen view BUT NOT REPORTS!!! Again, TMG, please add the sort date capability to reports. I have TMG set to view the undated fields at the bottom. I would like to be able to do the same thing for reports. Going back and putting sort dates in hundreds of tags is not practical. Anita
  3. Wishlist: A Wishlist Forum

    I agree. A separate forum subject would be easier to find Wish list items. Anita Cooper
  4. Sorting undated tags to the bottom is such a nice feature in TMG. Wish we could do the same sort for reports Anita Cooper Texas City, Texas
  5. I agree. I'd like to see these options, also. Anita Cooper Texas City, Texas