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  1. I'm really tired of seeing my carefully-transcribed estate inventories mangled in Second Site (preferred) or Journal output. I've tried creating a formatted table in word processing, pasting it into the memo field in TMG with no joy. I output and pasted the table in RTF; also no joy. I've tried using tabs in TMG to create a decent-looking inventory which doesn't work either, especially when I use SS. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to proceed? I don't use Word, but can create docx and excel files out of Quattro Pro. However, the translation makes it difficult to proof because any output is re-translated back into the native software. Therefore, I haven't tried this methodology. If all else fails, I guess I could create the output in HTML within SS, but that would leave it out of my TMG database. This is an idea that doesn't really suit me, partly because I'm not sure about whether decimal formats are really translated accurately in HTML. I feel it necessary to apologize on my site for the way the inventories look because nothing satisfies both output formats. Regards, Leslie1899
  2. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    Worked beautifully!!! Thank you so much Terry and Michael. In the fullness of time, I'll redo all my estate inventories - perhaps At least the ones of ancestors. Leslie
  3. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    Thanks, Michael, I've got it now. Given it's an estate inventory tag, I prefer using the one tag so will use your idea when I can again sit at the computer to do the input. I'm limited in how many minutes I can sit (and if you think this isn't annoying, think again!). Leslie
  4. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    I had a major Apple crash yesterday and couldn't try this out. All's well today after pulling the plug! I'm failing to understand something here: 1. For TMG output of the transcribed inventory, if I nest [HID:][SS-HID:][:HID] ... TMG only content ... [HID:][:SS-HID][:HID] , I get no TMG output at all in a Journal report. SS works fine, ignoring the typed transcript and using the scanned jpg as I want it to. 2. I guess I simply don't understand. I do not want to hide the typed transcript from TMG which I want to output it in a report. I want SS to use the jpg and ignore the typed memo. What am I doing wrong? Regards, Leslie
  5. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    Preparing a table and scanning it to a jpg worked well for Second Site output. Whereas the [HId:] [:HID] prevents the TMG version of the inventory from appearing, it also appears to prevent the TMG version of the inventory from being shown in a TMG report. Clearly, I'm missing something vital. SS page looks good; TMG Journal for one person test doesn't show the inventory at all. I've no interest in trying to deal with trying to create a table in HTML. Leslie
  6. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    Thanks, Terry. I'm working on your suggestion now. Leslie
  7. Using a Table format for estate inventories

    Thanks so much, Sally. I'd remembered creating the table part, but had forgotten about scanning as a jpeg!! That's what I'll do. Thanks again for reminding me. I'd not been able to find the post on the SS archives (which I've never found helpful). Leslie1899
  8. I have a group of people in my database I'd like to move into a separate dataset. As of now they do not appear directly related, but I'd like to have the option of adding them back IF needed in the future. I made a focus group out of them, but can't figure out how to get them OUT of my main project database. I tried using the Dataset Manager with no success. There are only 132 individuals in this focus group, but I'd really like to remove them for the present. Leslie
  9. Win XP Pro on vm running Parallels 9. I'd placed my data_paths file in the newly created TMG 9 program folder where the program was told to install. However, TMG v9 did not install the program as specified. The resulting error message reads = "Data cannot be relocated from the program folder to the program folder. Please make sure that none of the data relocation paths point to the program folder." I can't open TMG 9 to verify via Help that the requirements for the data paths file have/have not changed. The data_paths file was created in Notepad and reads: [Administrator] SharedProgramData=E:\TMG 9\ProgramData UserProgramData=E:\TMG 9\AppData UserData=F:\TMG9\UserData I've used these file paths for v7 and, I believe, v8. I've uninstalled v8 so can't check to see if that's the case OR to read its Help file. I've downloaded the v9 manual, but could not find anything about data file storage for advanced users in it. I really don't understand having this critical information available only AFTER program installation when it's needed BEFORE one gets in trouble. I've uninstalled and re-installed multiple times with no success. Please advise. Regards, Leslie
  10. Data_path File Ignored in v9 Install

    I tried one last gambit and TMG installed. The change is minor, BUT I'd closed Windows for an extended period before restarting. This may have made the difference. New data_paths file: [Administrator] SharedProgramData=E:\The Master Genealogist 9\SharedProgramData UserProgramData=E:\The Master Genealogist 9\UserProgramData UserData=F:\The Master Genealogist 9\UserData The only difference between the successful install and the last unsuccessful install was: 1) I closed Windows for an extended period before reopening; and, 2) I changed TMG 9 to The Master Genealogist 9 (minor change). Everything else is identical. I suspect the difference was keeping Windows closed instead of simply restarting it after uninstalling. Something had lingered which confused the installer. I've verified that the program installed in the right places. I think it might be useful if the Customizing Data Storage file included a paragraph on setting up the data paths file for people who use different logical drives. Leslie
  11. Data_path File Ignored in v9 Install

    The program will not launch after each installation, giving me the error message. On earlier attempts, I verified that no portions of the program had installed in any of the program parts in any of the folders to which the data_paths file pointed. I didn't look for a chm file. After my initial failures, I stopped verifying where TMG 9 put itself and, if it won't launch giving me the same error message, I uninstall it immediately. The trial version had been installed on top of v7 (due to a faulty data_paths file which was clearly my mistake). This is why TMG v7's report output became incorrect and is now unusable. I uninstalled the trial version, downloaded the full Gold version of 9, paid for it and have never been able to install it. I thought about adding Administrator to the data_paths file to see if that works (even though it was not needed for v7 or v8). However, I do not want this file installed under the C:drive which is the only place I have an Administrator or All Users folder. My file structure is simple: all program files go on the E:drive, all data on the F:drive and all images on the G:drive. The drive letter and program folder name should be differentiation enough. It makes sense to use Administrator/All Users only if you are installing on the C:drive. My bottom line: if TMG 9 can't be installed where I want, I don't want it. I'll miss some of the new program additions, such as pronouns (not roles), but will have to stick with v7 (and, yes, I know support on SS and TMGU will stop, but I'll just have to live with that). I'll have to find a way to repair the damaged report writer in v7. Leslie
  12. Data_path File Ignored in v9 Install

    I am not at all interested in only moving the program paths for data. I do not EVER install programs onto the OS drive. I am logged on, as always, as Administrator in XP; no one else uses this computer. The logical drives were created long before I moved to Apple and have been respected by Parallels. Windows runs on a separate monitor and is, for all intents and purposes, a separate machine. It's is backed up separately, etc. I have never had any desire to have any Windows folder/file open directly in the mac. I have loaded other programs successfully onto my separate logical drive since I switched to Apple/Parallels in 2009. I found someone who copied and sent me the Customizing Data File Storage Help files for me. As I've explained I cannot open the TMG 9 at all so there's been NO way to view the help files. I consider this a major mistake on WhollyGenes part - this type of file should be available prior to installation. I've used data paths successfully for years, having never installed TMG onto the C: drive. As I explained, I'm using XP. Here is the latest failed data path file: [Administrator] SharedProgramData=E:\TMG 9\SharedProgramData UserProgramData=E:\TMG 9\UserProgramData UserData=F:\TMG 9\UserData The program allegedly installs, but when I try to open it I get the following error message: "Data cannot be relocated from the program folder to the program folder." Please make sure that none of the data relocation paths point to the program folder. I doesn't work when I use only E:\TMG 9\, letting it create the separate folders for shared and user program data. It doesn't work if I use a slight variation in the program name for the data files on my F drive. I've never seen the reason to have long folder names when one is using separate drives for programs, data, images. What do I need to do to make the program install where I want it to OR have I simply wasted my money? Leslie
  13. Data_path File Ignored in v9 Install

    Because this is running on the vm machine NOT in coherence, etc. mode, it is independent of Parallels. I've been using Parallels since 2009 with TMG (installing v8 was no problem) and never experienced any problem with TMG files going into My Documents, etc. I suspect this has been the case, largely, because I use separate data paths. As far as TMG is concerned, it doesn't know about Parallels.
  14. Footnote Issues

    I can't believe I'm the only one dismayed by the user's continued inability to format footnotes in TMG reports. I've asked for this since v6. If you have a report with hundreds or thousands of footnotes, you don't want them deeply indented OR in the same point size as the main report. This is basic stuff. There's got to be a solution to this issue. I bought v8 and never used it even once because of this issue. I've now downloaded a trial of v9 and am finding the same problem. I also use WordPerfect, but find no difference in the "new" report writer - not in v8 or v9. Please explain. Leslie1899
  15. I've searched the archives on SS's message board to no avail. I am using the simplest possible setup of Second Site which I want to be able to access from my iPad. Apple being Apple, there's no easy way. I've tried using Dropbox on a copy of the site, but can't open the transferred file (error message says there's no software to open it with!). I didn't care that it took over an hour to upload; but was really irritated not to be able to open it once it was on my iPad. I've spent hours going through the iPad apps library not finding anything relevant. Or, that I recognized as relevant. I do NOT want my site online, so please don't suggest that. I am NOT interested in sharing my site with anybody else - nor is syncing something I really care about. I figured I'd just upload it every time I re-made the site. My purpose is to have my entire database easily available to me when I can't have my laptop with me AND as an aid when I'm working on cleaning my files (TMG on laptop with SS viewable beside me . . . . I've found it MUCH easier to clean data this way). I know there must be a way to get the site to open on my iPad, but can't figure it out. Can anybody help? Leslie
  16. WordPerfect Support?

    Thanks, Virginia. I just subscribed to the mailing list. I'd sent a private, polite message to Bob Velke about my decision to postpone purchasing v8 until the WordPerfect report writer was done. I run WP X3 whose report writer never worked properly for me with TMG v7. I had to output in WP v5.1 to get a readable report and that only with the help of a macro to format my gazillion footnotes. Frankly, I'd pay extra for a really top-notch report writer in WordPerfect. I'll probably upgrade WP Office this year so one can see that I am sticking with a product that beats its competition. Leslie
  17. I am embarrassed to admit that I used to know how to handle the problem of a } used by itself when transcribing court records into TMG. When I use the } (curly bracket) by itself (as it is used in the original document), the data is excluded. I KNOW there's a way to indicate to TMG to print this curly bracket }, but can't for the life of me figure out how. I've gone through years of my notes, my emails to tech support, as well as searched various places on the forum (which is why I typed in "curly brackets") and still cannot find the solution. I've recently entered a series of deeds of gift and need to correct the problem while I can remember exactly which entries are negatively affected by this issue. Sent with a Red Face, Leslie
  18. WordPerfect Support?

    Nothing would induce me to switch to Word from WordPerfect, despite any expense. I, too, am waiting on WP 8 report writer as I had all sorts of problems with TMG v7 and WordPerfect. I was able to get someone to write me one macro which limits me pretty much to one or so reports. I am impressed beyond words that anyone could actually write a series of macros. Incidentally, I use Paradox to track all the books/film/etc. I use, outputting from the database into a tabular word processing file. I also have all sort of databases I use alongside WordPerfect. I hated Word from the minute I was forced to use it years ago. Leslie
  19. As the result of an unexpected motherboard failure in a relatively new computer, I made the switch from a PC to a Mac Mini. My 25 years of PC operating system experience did not lead me to expect the incredible ease with which set up was accomplished between the Mac and my existing hardware and broadband internet connection. I bought Parallels 4.0, subsequently upgraded to 5.0, and transferred my entire Windows XP Pro computer into the Mac with more ease than I would've imagined. The only problem I had was getting Parallels Tools installed so I could run a Windows XP desktop on my second display while running Mac's Snow Leopard on my main display. However, this was resolved with help from Tech Support. I use the Mac for all email and internet research work. I use XP Pro to run WordPerfect, Paradox (database), Quattro Pro (spreadsheet), Microsoft's OneNote 2007, an old calendar program I like, and, most importantly, TMG. What amazed me was that a flatbed scanner, for which no Mac driver exists, runs perfectly under Windows XP - the same way it did when it was connected to my old PC. So far, I've not had any problems running TMG v7. WordPerfect has performed flawlessly, as well. The only issue has been a delay in response when I transfer WordPerfect text into OneNote 2007 (which I use to hold nearly ten years of notes on genealogy, as well as notes taken from genealogical books/thesis/dissertations). I don't consider this a major problem. I'm willing to live with a little slowdown because of OneNote's incredible search ability. I'm posting this so others will know that TMG v7 will run on the Mac. I will be interested to learn if TMG v8 is compatible with XP Pro because I have no intention of upgrading my Windows operating system. After experiencing the Mac, nothing could induce me to return to a Windows PC and its OS problems! Leslie
  20. I discovered a major error in a family line, which I have corrected in TMG v7.04 running on a Windows XP Pro virtual machine inside an iMac. However, even after going to Preferences/Other/Refresh Relationships, the information did not change. If I go to each person who used to be a granduncle or no relation, but is now a grandfather (several greats involved), click on relation and re-calculate, the report shows the correct relationship. But . . . . . the Details Screen continues to show either the old relationship OR no relationship at all! This is annoying. The mystery is that a compressed pedigree will print out with the corrected relationships; it's the Details Screen that doesn't reflect the change. How can I make this work on the Details Screen? Leslie
  21. I have a problem that can best be solved by accessing information stored under the Type and Value fields. I need to see exactly what was edited on a specific date to solve a problem. I've checked the manual, TMG Utility, etc., to no avail. Given that the information is compiled (it's on my Tool bar under Details), there's got to be a way to list "Last Edited" data. Can anyone help? Leslie
  22. Finding Most Recent Edits

    OMG, I have nearly 15,000 people. That would impossible.
  23. Finding Most Recent Edits

    Thank you, Jim. Believe it or not, as I waited for an answer, I fiddled around and came up with this solution. It doesn't address each edit (alas), but I could go to the people indicated. I got my laptop with the correct version of my project on its screen; and the wrong version on my main computer so I could compre the two. I found all the recent people edited late yesterday which I added to the correct version on the laptop. I'll restore this version and no work will have been lost. Somehow, even though I would've sworn under oath that I'd restored the project properly when I returned from a research foray to the Clayton Library, I obviously did not do so. Fortunately, I'd done only a few random things afterward, but was desperate to correct my terrible error. Thanks for replying. Leslie
  24. In 2007, I created a report to list the deaths of people for whom I lacked source citations. This report showed all my uncited deaths listing the Last and Given name of the person, their ID number, the county, state, and date of death. After doing a lot of work with death certificates, I'm ready to print a new report, but can't remember how I created this report and evidently didn't save the filter, etc. I've tried working with List of People, Events, etc. - all to no avail. Nothing I try seems to work. I'm embarrassed that I can't remember how I did this, but really need to see how many more deaths exist which I've got to cite properly. Most of these uncited deaths date from previous genealogy software where citing wasn't possible (and, naturally, I didn't note elsewhere). Sigh. Leslie
  25. Jim, thanks so much. I thought I'd tried every thing. Have saved your filter to a new one called "uncited events" (so I can change whatever event might be missing a cited source). You're my HERO! Leslie