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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but no exhibits are found when I import from FTM. The import is normal other than that. I'm told that the exhibits should be included in the .ftmb file I was sent. Suggestions? Karla
  2. I'm importing my main file from FTM 2014 into TMG9. In FTM 2014, I selected File / Export and selected the output format as 'Family Tree Maker 2008/2009' and saved the FTM 2008/2009 database with a name different from that of my FTM 2014 database and in a different directory. The import has been running for several hour and upper progress bar is about 36% and the lower one ranges from 0-100% I have three times now gotten three error messages in a row: The first is as above, the following two show the number 280,300 instead of 279. The process is continuting, media is being added to the project folder and it appears to be making progress. The most important question is: How do I know what to fix later?, and, How do I get TMG Creator the information necessary to fix this problem for the future?
  3. Hello, I have searched for an answer on the forums, but haven't quite found my answer yet. I am having trouble with multiple versions of an image file being created when importing from FTM into TMG. I have imported an *.ftmb file into TMG 7.04 Gold. (This is so I may then use Second Site to generate HTML pages.) Upon completing the *.ftmb import, my "Exhibits" have grown from 1,240 items at 1.03 GB in FTM to 5,500 items at 5.75 GB in TMG. In looking at the files, it appears that the FTM exhibits have multiple versions created in TMG during the import. i.e. a Census Record named "1830 united states federal census_1.jpg" in FTM now has four versions in TMG named "1830 united states federal census_1-1.jpg", "1830 united states federal census_1-2.jpg", "1830 united states federal census_1-3.jpg" and "1830 united states federal census_1-4.jpg". Can anyone comment on why this occurs, and is there is anything I can do in my import settings to only have 1 copy of the image created/copied over during the import? Many thanks!