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Found 5 results

  1. I could not find answer to my problem in the searches I used, so I am starting a new question. 1. I recently found a Family project that had been lost a long time on an old thumb drive due to mislabeling it. I would like to transfer this Family project back into the TMG program so that I can make a GEDCOM to transfer this family to a new genealogy program. But I’ve been recently told, that I could run a parallel on the Apple that would allow a Windows program to work there, but I don’t know how to do this. I have an Apple Mini Mac and when my husband bought it for me, he had it divided into two portions with Apple in one and Windows in the other. I have pretty much transitioned into the Apple and though I have tried once or twice to use the Windows portion, I found it awkward. I have to totally leave Apple and Open Windows, and doing this takes forever. I would prefer to access it better through Apple. Thus my dilemma. Can anyone understand what I want to do? Is there any help? 2. Also I can’t seem to restore the thumb drive onto the TMG program on the Windows computer. I’m not very tech savvy so please be kind. My hubby was the techy, but due to his age and memory loss he can no longer help me. Also computer terminology is not my strong point. ;-)
  2. I am trying to upgrade from TMG 7 to TMG 9.5. When I try to open tmg9setup 3.exe i get, "another instance of setup is already running." I'm trying to do this on my iMac with Parallels 12.0.0 and Windows 10. I also have SS. I get the same response when I try to open it on my laptop. My iMac is networked with my windows laptop. A couple of years ago I did have TMG 9.1 on the laptop, and thought that might be the problem, so I removed the 9.1. I am trying to open the tmg 9.5 exe with the laptop turned off. I can't find anyplace where TMG 9.1 is on the iMac, unless maybe in the Cloud. I have tried searching for others i with this problem and have not found any. I have not had many problems with TMG 7 on the iMac. The only major problem I did have, was when I installed a bad external hard drive to use Time Machine, it wiped out all my TMG backup on a USB drive. I now going to back up to my C drive in addition to the USB drive.. I had to go back to my laptop to get the last backup there. I lost several months of work. Could that be related? Any help would be appreciated. Don
  3. Upgrading questions

    Several issues. I am running TMG Gold 9.03.0000 and would like to upgrade to 9.05, partially so that I have the latest version and partially so that I will also have a copy of the installer file to put aside just in case. I use a Mac with Parallels 10.4.0 and would also like to upgrade that to v. 11, and then upgrade my Win 7 to Win 10. I also run Second Site 6.0.2. I have current backups of my TMG projects. A lot of upgrading there and I'm a concerned about a conflict along the way. I have my TMG serial number, and my original e-mail from Wholly Genes when I bought TMG v. 9. This shows my name, e-mail address, serial number and order number. I this information my "unlock code"? If so, is that all I should need to upgrade to TMG 9.05? Once I have 9.05, I think my sequence should be to: 1. Upgrade to Parallels 10.4.0 2. Upgrade to Windows 10. Thanks, Ed Dunscombe
  4. Is anyone here using TMG on Parallels 10 under Yosemite AND having problems with the focus being lost from TMG when you switch across to the mac and come back to continue typing/pasting whatever? This isn't unique to TMG, it is happening to other apps I still run under parallels as well. Up until I upgraded both to Yosemite and to Parallels 10 everything was fine but now this loss of focus is seriously annoying to a touch typist frequently switching between Mac and Windows. Anyone got any clues as to any settings that may be causing this? Parallels aren't much help. Support were willing enough, but clueless. They tried blaming TMG until I said it happened with another as well. Then tried a new VM - no difference, other than I lost my drive mappings to make it easier using the same projct on Mac and my desktop.
  5. TMG 9 on Mac in 2015 This article is an update to the TMG 8 on Mac article on the Wholly Genes Forum which was written for older versions of Mac operating systems and older versions of Parallels. New Macs run Yosemite and currently Parallels is at version 10. I have been running TMG on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), Intel Core i7 2.5 GHz with 16Gb Ram in a Windows 8.1 Pro Upd. 1 64bit virtual machine under Parallels 10 since the summer of 2014 with no particularly special configuration to Parallels, Windows 8, or TMG. Attached is a PDF I compiled as I tested TMG in preparation of writing a new TMG 9 on Mac article, however the only recommendations I have at this time are the same recommendations I’d make for anyone running TMG on Windows 7, 8 or above. Right click the setup .exe file and choose run as administrator from the context menu, do not start TMG at the end of the installation process, instead reboot your computer, then on the very first run of TMG and the first run only, right click the TMG short cut on your desktop, or in the start menu and choose run as administrator from the context menu, enter your TMG unlock information and exit TMG, after these steps are completed run TMG normally. There are some Mac/Parallels users that recommend configuring Parallels to not share the Mac Home folder with Windows. This will put your TMG files on the Windows side and may be desirable for some users. Since the only Windows applications I’m using are TMG, TMG Utility, and Second Site I find it more convenient to have report output saved in the Mac document folder, reports are available when the virtual machine is not running, and Word, Excel, PDF etc. output can be opened with Mac applications. TMG on OS X 10.pdf