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Found 3 results

  1. When I add a new person, I put in the known information (name, birthdate, etc.). The program assigns it a number (1:7180), but when it comes up in the Person Detail it doesn't show the name, just 1:1780. I can edit it and put the information back in, then in the Person Detail it appears correctly, but it also shows a second person in the sibling section as 2:7180 Joseph Dugo. If I search that number (2:7180) it says Not found. I haven't added information to the Dataset for several years. It consists of 1) Dugoall 2) Wintle 3) Eddinger. I am only interested in the Dugoall data. I have tried doing all this to only the Dugoall and also All datasets. It happens both ways. The Wintle & Eddinger data sets are actually empty, they shouldn't actually be in this dataset. The people names show up in the search, but all their numbers at 0:0, except the names I am trying to add in the Dugoall show up with their duplicate numbers. Sue
  2. I have been using TMG for some years but the latest upgrade to v9 seems to have changed the Add Person wizard to using US standard place. My data sets are all set to UK. Is there a way of changing the default for Add Person? I don't know how this has happened unless it has been corrupted in one of the recent upgrades.
  3. Hello together, again I've a situation that I don't understand: I add a (female) Spouse to a person and TMG ask me to create the marriage-name. I click "ok", and everything works fine. (The following situation describes only NEW Data-entries!) But when I look to the project-explorer, there isn't the alphabetical order "Surname, givenname". First there are the born i.e. "Doe, ..." and thereafter are the persons with the marriagename "Doe,...". Additional I've checked this in the List "search person" - same situation, BUT: every position with marriagename is shown as "[surname], [givenname] ([title])". When I open the entry "mariage-name" of these persons (mostly the wife) and click "ok", the entry seems to be safed again, and until now everything works fine. In my opinion there is a difference between the "add person" - with "marriagename" and the addition of the entry "marriagename". But I#ve no idea to solve it myself. Please has anyone an idea, how to handle without open every name-entry again / twice? Thank you for your patience and help and many greetings from Hannover Mark A. Waldmann