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Found 4 results

  1. Every time my Windows 8.1 installs Windows Updates, my registration key is lost when I launch TMG 9.05. When TMG's splash window opens, it shows the registration number in the lower right, but the upper right says my trial version has expired and it will open my database in a limited mode. So before opening the database, I have to click on the button to register and re-enter my registration info. I then click OK and it says I successfully registered. This happens on two installations I have on two different laptops, both running Version 9.05 on Windows 8.1. TMG 9.01 on my Win 7 laptop doesn't do this. The registration is not lost. And no, I am not opening the same database with it. Any ideas?
  2. I purchased TMGv8 via the website about two years ago. Less than a year ago, I purchased an "upgrade" to TMGv9 from the website. I have both my original TMGv8 registration information as well as a new TMGv9 upgrade unlock code. I have done a clean reinstall of TMGv9 and it does not unlock with either of my two codes. Actually, it accepts the TMGv9 code but states that it is for a trial version and has expired. As it stands now, I cannot unlock my version of TMGv9 and am stuck till I can get this issue resolved. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks! ADT
  3. I have recently bought a new computer onto which I have reinstalled TMG V8 UK edition and included the product reg code. However, after 7 days, I am reverted to what appears to be a trial edition and cannot understand the reason why. I had no such problem on my old computer. Does anyone have any reasons why this should keep happening as it is very annoying to be constantly typing in the very lengthy code every 7 days? Thanks
  4. Since I have been on Windows 8 64-bit I almost invariably need to "Unlock the Full Version" whenever I run Master Genealogist. That is I receive the dialog box saying "Unlock the Full Version. Thank you for using The Master Genealogist! Expired trial version ...." If I dismiss the dialog box, the program actually seems to run, although I have not actually been adding information recently. I would very much like to be free of this nagging message. How can I accomplish this? - David P