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Found 3 results

  1. I could not find answer to my problem in the searches I used, so I am starting a new question. 1. I recently found a Family project that had been lost a long time on an old thumb drive due to mislabeling it. I would like to transfer this Family project back into the TMG program so that I can make a GEDCOM to transfer this family to a new genealogy program. But I’ve been recently told, that I could run a parallel on the Apple that would allow a Windows program to work there, but I don’t know how to do this. I have an Apple Mini Mac and when my husband bought it for me, he had it divided into two portions with Apple in one and Windows in the other. I have pretty much transitioned into the Apple and though I have tried once or twice to use the Windows portion, I found it awkward. I have to totally leave Apple and Open Windows, and doing this takes forever. I would prefer to access it better through Apple. Thus my dilemma. Can anyone understand what I want to do? Is there any help? 2. Also I can’t seem to restore the thumb drive onto the TMG program on the Windows computer. I’m not very tech savvy so please be kind. My hubby was the techy, but due to his age and memory loss he can no longer help me. Also computer terminology is not my strong point. ;-)
  2. I have had a break in my family history since 2007 and since I have gone from Windows to Macintosh. I used TMG 7 Gold and the latest setup file I have is tmg7setup.exe that has date Jan. 3, 2010. I have copies of my TMG data on burned CDs. Latest backup is from Dec. 31, 2007 and is named "Kurt 29072006-1527 2007-12-31 09-27-47.sqz". I have a serial number and an order number. Is this possible to get started with TMG again?
  3. Every time my Windows 8.1 installs Windows Updates, my registration key is lost when I launch TMG 9.05. When TMG's splash window opens, it shows the registration number in the lower right, but the upper right says my trial version has expired and it will open my database in a limited mode. So before opening the database, I have to click on the button to register and re-enter my registration info. I then click OK and it says I successfully registered. This happens on two installations I have on two different laptops, both running Version 9.05 on Windows 8.1. TMG 9.01 on my Win 7 laptop doesn't do this. The registration is not lost. And no, I am not opening the same database with it. Any ideas?