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Found 1 result

  1. Here's my problem: The LDS Ordinances of Endowment and Baptism tend to override the Christening tab, when there isn't a Birth tag. Then the person appears to be "born" in 1947, when they died in 1626. Here's what I mean: Person A Christening 12 Dec 1588 Died 18 Jan 1626 Endowment 06 Jan 1947 Baptism 05 Jan 1947 The Christening tag is NOT Primary, and the Endowment tag is Primary. Therefore, when I do a search, or look in the Picklist, etc. the person is sorted according to the Endowment date. I would love a way to mark ALL the Endowment tags as NOT Primary. This problem also occurs with Ordinance Baptisms. What would really be nice is if there was a way to make a tag NOT Primary in the Master Tag List. Then I could solve this problem with a couple of keystrokes instead of fixing them one at a time as I come across them. Alternatively, the problem could be solved if you could tell the system to automatically mark the Christening tag as Primary when there is no Birth tag. I even looked in the TMG Utility for a solution, but didn't find one. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Kim Derrick