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Found 3 results

  1. Version 8.8 I have never had "dea." for death in reports before. marriage is m. and birth is b. I cant seee how this can be changed in options.Can anyone help please?
  2. I was running TMG v8.04 on Windows 7 (64-bit), and I attempted to save a Descendant Indented Chart to a file. TMG went off into cyberoblivion and never completed, locking up the program entirely and eating up CPU time. After rebooting my computer, I checked for an update and discovered v8.08 was available. I then downloaded and installed the update, which the program indicated had been done successfully. But when I next ran TMG, the splash screen and the Help screen both continued to show v8.04. When I tried to update again, it said that I already had the latest update. The Descendant Indented Chart still doesn't work (and hangs in the same way), so I think I am actually still running on v8.04, but the program won't allow me to update, because it "thinks" I already have updated. Any suggestions on both the chart problem and the update problem? Brian Neil Burg
  3. The Report Definition Screen all of the Reports cannot be adjusted for height in (at least) the UK version of V8. I use a Samsung Netbook running XP with my backup copy of TMG for field trips. It has a maximum practical depth of 600 pixels, which means that the 'Options', Create Report', etc. buttons are not visible the Descendant Indented Chart. I have 3 bars above the working area, the application bar, the 'file, edit, etc ' bar and a single line TMG toolbar with small icons. This means that the Descendant Indented Chart, arguable the most useful of the reports, is nigh on impossible to use. It can be done by increasing the screen pixel numbers, but of use only in dire emergencies. For most of the Reports, this problem is irrelevant as the vertical height does not exceed the page size. However, there are two or 3 other reports with deep Report Definition Screens, which are in the same state as the Descendant Indented Chart An early answer as to why the software restricts vertical manipulation it will happily allow the width to be changed, would be welcomed.