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Found 3 results

  1. Exhibits

    I've always used TMG as a sort of backup for a lot of my pictures whether they be jpg photos or jpg scanned documents. My reasoning being that if I use external exhibits, when I get a new computer I have to make sure that the folder structure is identical to the old computer. So I read up in the TMG manual about internal exhibits and started using it. Back in December all of a sudden when I do my data backup I get a box that says Program Error with a yellow triangle ! and the box says Invalid path or file name (cancel - ignore- help). I select Ignore 27 times. This started after I added a lot of Exhibits to people. I did a restore back to the backup just prior to advent of these errors and the backups worked normal until I added the Exhibits again. The log file does not record these errors that I can find. Also, when I go look at the people that received the exhibits, they are all there. My backup is close to 1.5gb in size. 22k+ people. I originally had 33 txt files that came up missing over the years but the backups never showed errors. It is only these 27 new missing files that now show the error. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on a quadcore system with 8gb of RAM. I have run Optimize and Reindex and Validate File Integrity with no change. Dale Savell Aiken, SC
  2. External Exhibit Paths

    In TMG 7, I set up the following paths for my external exhibits. First level: E:\TMG exhibits\ Second level: hardcopy\ and imagespeople\ and imagesother\ and audio\ Third level (e.g, For the second level "imagespeople" folder): family1\ and family2\ and family3\ Fourth level: (e.g.For each of the Third level families folder): tif01, tif02 To place tif01 in a person's exhbit, I would open that person's exhibit log and "add". Then select the image at E:\TMG exhibits\imagespeople\family2\tif01. I did not check the paths properties so assumed all ok since the image appeared in the person's exhibit log. After installing TMG 8, I have not looked at the exhibit paths nor my TMG exhibits folder for some time. Just looked at the first level folder and all images still in the correct sub-folders. The new situations is that all the images in all the sub-folders under "imagespeople" are duplicated in the "imagespeople" folder. In addition, the paths for all the images in the exhibit logs refer to the duplicated images. Not the ones in the family sub-folders. The TMG V8 "current project option, exhibit folder" is set to: E:\TMG exhibits\imagespeople. Should have been the same in V7 but do not remember. Any idea what may have caused the duplication and the exhibit log path change (I assumed in V7 the path to the sub-folder was used)? Also, any suggestion as to how to change the exhibit log path back to the sub-folders? I have close to 1000 such images that are affected. Joe
  3. Would you please discuss the pros & cons of External exhibits vs Internal exhibits. I am in the process of scanning documents & photos and adding them to TMG. My photos get scanned as jpegs and end up in Window's Live Photo Gallery. I then add them to TMG, but I don't know whether it is best to add them as External or Internal. Some photos that I have added in the past don't seem to be available anymore & I'm not sure why - probably because I've cleaned up my photos over the years and also changed computers. My documents get scanned as .tif files in grey style. I can put them in My Documents file rather than Window's Live Photo Gallery. Would it be better to leave them in the Photo Gallery? I don't want to get too far in my scanning project and then have to redo everything. Thank you for any help. Sue