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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone know where I can download the GenBridge SDK that would work with the TMG V9 db version?
  2. When reading the Prime Exhibit for an Individual, I get an AccessViolationException, Attempted to Read or Write protected memory. Call is <DllImport("gbfunc.dll")> _ Public Shared Function GbPrimExhibit(ByVal First As Integer, ByVal Dest As StringBuilder, ByVal Message As StringBuilder) As Integer End Function where First = 1. (Also fails with First= 0) All other calls work fine, including GbExhibit,(which doesn't return prime exhibits.) Am exporting from TMG V 7.04.0000. Using VB.net VS 2010 Any help extremely gratefully accepted. Les
  3. I was afraid of this after reading the release notes about database changes to roles, etc. GedStar Pro uses a version of GenBridge that is several years old, which has been working fine up to now, but I'm not surprised that this change has affected it in this way. Fortunately it doesn't crash or affect other data items, but instead of role names such as "Principal" and "Witness" it is returning what are probably indeces such as "00001" and "00002". I have not had much luck in recent years contacting Bob directly, so I was wondering if you can find out if there is an updated GenBridge that supports the new database (while maintaining compatibility with earlier database versions) and if I can be sent the new version if or when it becomes available. If there are no plans to update it, or if it will be way off in the future, please inform me of this so I can respond to my many users when they email-bomb me about this! For what it's worth, I tried using the store pages to get GenBridge there and take a look at it, but the store doesn't seem to work when trying to purchase something that's free (e.g., tried to use PayPal but then the transaction wouldn't finish without an non-zero amount). Thanks for your support!