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Found 1 result

  1. In 2008 I had an old Family Roots (hereafter FR) program for Apple converted to a dos version after which WhollyGenes imported it into a TMG formatted file. The result has been some unusual tags and issues. I am looking for help with these issues. At this point I am trying to make this old file into an on line database using Second Site. For each marriage FR had four fields: spouse, marriage date, marriage place and marital status. Now in TMG something has caused a divorce tag to be added when a divorce did not occur and the only entry is an “N” in the memo field. I am attempting to get rid of all these without individually going through 16,000+ records. The fixes in TMG Utility do not seem to work. Another problem is in Remarks in FR, they limited the length and redundant spaces are eliminated. Footnotes were also allowed within the text signified by ^1 etc. When you ended up with something like this “…17Aug1817^1, after mother’s death…”, in TMG and Second Site everything after the “^” is missing and I assume the caret is what is causing this. Is there a way around this without going through all the records and removing it individually? Again the fixes I have tried in TMG Utility do not seem to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.