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Found 1 result

  1. I am not a professional but have been recently going through Elizabeth Shown Mills book - Evidence Explained - trying to determine how one identifies the following as a source: I have a hospital issued birth certificate - the souvenir kind with the baby's footprints, mother's thumbprints and additional details of birth. While not an officially issued certificate it was able to be used to provide citizenship, work application, etc. back in the early fifties. Can someone explain how within TMG this would be set up as a source - or do I simply create my own version? This would mean I would have to also create a "category" since there doesn't seem to be one that is listed in TMG. Only registrations are listed and this is not technically a registration. I'm curious if anyone has set this type of record up for this type of source and how it was recommended. Otherwise, I'll just do it the way I figure I should. Thanks, Jim