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Found 6 results

  1. I'm having trouble converting a 10.5 X 92.5 chart to pdf, using a Mac and Parallels with TMG 9 Gold. I've followed the various tips posted, downloaded PDF Creator, and expanded the height and width to the above dimensions. When I print to pdf I always wind up with a multi-page pdf, instead of one large pdf. I've trying to generate a file I can get printed locally and take to relatives in Italy (this weekend!). The pdf seems to be the correct width, but the chart appears as multiple pages. Thanks, Ed Dunscombe
  2. Chart printing

    I posted a few weeks ago about chart printing and I'm still having problems. I'm running TMG 9 on a Mac using Parallels. I've created a descendant box chart containing 104 people spanning seven generations. When I go to TOOLS>DIAGRAM>RESIZE I learn the chart is 92.35 inches wide and 11.81 inches tall. I have several options to save the chart as a pdf, but none of these options permit me to adjust the paper to these dimensions. 1. Print to PDF (Mac Desktop) lets me use the Postscript Custom Page Size option to adjust to a maximum of 17W by 36H 2. Microsoft Print to PDF does not let me access Postscript Custom Page Size 3. QPDF Creator lets me use the Postscript Custom Page Size to a maximum of 78.7x by 78.75 4. Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 does not let me make any adjustments. I'd like to have it printed commercially in a large, single page format. I can save it as a bmp but I understand the finished product would look better if run from a pdf. I've left most of the default chart options as default. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Ed Dunscombe
  3. What's the best current method for professionally printing charts? Ed Dunscombe
  4. Firstly I have just read that TMG is discontinued!! I want to see examples of charts. I have avoided these as I only have a small page to produce. A4 with margins set by the typesetter. I only want basic chart for each family showing children and their spouses and number of children.. Most of my families have over 15 children. So before each family I want to provide a outline. I have tried excel but can't fit them in on the one page. I have also tried word but that is harder to set up with lines in columns. Whatever chart I use needs to be provided in PDF format. I am in the sample at the moment and I thought I would be able to get more information but it is the same. So where can I see an example of each chart please? I see there are videos but want to see what they look like without going through this process. I just found report samples thanks . None can be adjusted because of the number of children and my page limitations. But if anyone has any ideas using another programme I would appreciate the advice please
  5. This is a new problem. My descendants chart looks ok in word but when I send to print, the vertical lines are red and horizontal in black. I am preparing to change to V8. I have installed a new printer but it was ok yesterday and it only holds a mono toner anyway. Checked printer settings and ok. Also did a few random charts and charts from old reports and same thing happening.. Any ideas please? Using TMGW 7 with word 2010
  6. Just printed my first significant charts from my database of over 1,300 persons. To my dismay when I studied that charts most of my data was missing. I have checked the Person's View on my immediate family and the data is there it is just not printing on the charts. I have looked through the FAQ and the Help Screens to no avail, obviously there is something I am missing. I have just updated to V8.08 but the problem existed before on V8.01. Is there anyone else with a similar problem and can suggest how I can resolve this issue. Cheers tauceti Adelaide SA Australia