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Found 4 results

  1. What's the best current method for professionally printing charts? Ed Dunscombe
  2. Firstly I have just read that TMG is discontinued!! I want to see examples of charts. I have avoided these as I only have a small page to produce. A4 with margins set by the typesetter. I only want basic chart for each family showing children and their spouses and number of children.. Most of my families have over 15 children. So before each family I want to provide a outline. I have tried excel but can't fit them in on the one page. I have also tried word but that is harder to set up with lines in columns. Whatever chart I use needs to be provided in PDF format. I am in the sample at the moment and I thought I would be able to get more information but it is the same. So where can I see an example of each chart please? I see there are videos but want to see what they look like without going through this process. I just found report samples thanks . None can be adjusted because of the number of children and my page limitations. But if anyone has any ideas using another programme I would appreciate the advice please
  3. This is a new problem. My descendants chart looks ok in word but when I send to print, the vertical lines are red and horizontal in black. I am preparing to change to V8. I have installed a new printer but it was ok yesterday and it only holds a mono toner anyway. Checked printer settings and ok. Also did a few random charts and charts from old reports and same thing happening.. Any ideas please? Using TMGW 7 with word 2010
  4. Just printed my first significant charts from my database of over 1,300 persons. To my dismay when I studied that charts most of my data was missing. I have checked the Person's View on my immediate family and the data is there it is just not printing on the charts. I have looked through the FAQ and the Help Screens to no avail, obviously there is something I am missing. I have just updated to V8.08 but the problem existed before on V8.01. Is there anyone else with a similar problem and can suggest how I can resolve this issue. Cheers tauceti Adelaide SA Australia