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Found 1 result

  1. I was working on my main project as usual today when TMG quit. I did not notice immediately as I was switching to another open program for a moment. So, when I decided to go back to TMG, it wasn’t there. This has happened in the past and I just re-started it and rain the Maintenance routine to check that all was OK. This time, on restart, it flashed a message saying that a file was missing. I must have hit a key or something as the message went away quickly. My memory of the quick view was that one of the Name files was missing. I opened File Manager and saw that all the six Name files (other than the index files) were present. So, I again re-started TMG to get the message that the “Project is already open elsewhere”. Now, that is all I get. I can open other projects. If I open another project, exit, and re-start then all appears file. If I try opening my main project, I get the message “An error happened when opening the data tables…” Clicking [OK] closes the program. Re-start now tells me that it is operating in Repair Mode. Opening SAMPLE and exiting and restarting gives the normal operation until I try opening my main project again. Looking at the four Name files in a DB program does not show anything. That is, they all appear as I might expect them. However, I could be missing something as I am not _that_ familiar with the file structure of each file. I did note something with my NPT.DBF file that seems odd. It gives the Template, ID, and Value as expected – except that there are eleven lines with lines 10 and 11 having the same Template and Value (Maiden Name). Comparing this with other projects, they only show nine lines. I do not recall that I might have created a Custom Name template although looking at the ST table, I see two Marr Name Style Stylenames with the same display – both including Maiden Name]. I don’t know that this is what caused the problem although I can see that it might. Anyhow, my SOP is to do a quick Backup (Project only) following each session or end-of day. I do a full Backup every few weeks. I looked to Restore my latest Backup to only find no quick Backups and only my full backups (3 weeks ago). I have a bunch of quick backups from v4x, but those are years old and not much help now. <Arrghh> Any ideas? Lee