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gaps in printed output

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It has been brought to my attention that there is a mismatch between what is printed on a page and what is shown to be on that page when viewed on the Print Preview.


Some detailed analysis suggests that although the size of the printout is correct, what is actually printed on the page is displaced to the right and downwards by increasing the effective left and top margins by about 4 screen pixels in both direction (about 1/24") but keeping the right and bottom margins correct. This means that the printed image has about 1/24" (~1mm) missing at the right of and bottom of each page join.


This can be demonstrated by printing the default Descendant Box Chart from the Sample project starting a person #1 and examining the printed output. I have tried 5 different printer drivers - all show the same errors even though these printers have different printable regions on the same Letter sized page.


This may also impinge on the earlier problems of printing the cut marks.


I will report this as a bug.


The use of "Tools > Diagram > Repaginate" option will minimize the impact of this but at the considerable increase of chart size in a larger chart.



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